Whitney Tilson Warns Donald Trump “David Duke” Supporting Acquaintance

Whitney Tilson Warns Donald Trump “David Duke” Supporting  Acquaintance
From Whitney Tilson – presented without comment

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When I sent out my email yesterday, in which I took my criticism of Trump to a new level (calling him a monster, comparing him to David Duke and Joe McCarthy, and warning an acquaintance who’s publicly supporting him that “The risk that your personal reputation is materially and permanently harmed has gone up a lot”), I braced myself for the blowback that always occurs when I send out a very partisan email: angry emails condemning me for using my email blasts for such purposes, requests to be removed from my email list, etc.
The response so far: crickets. I was so surprised that I went back and checked to make sure it had gone out (it had).
Of the 7,000+ people on this email list, I’d guess 1,000-2,000 are Republicans – and not a single oneemailed me to say, “Whitney, I think you’re wrong about Trump. You’re misunderstanding what he’s saying and/or he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying and/or even if he does, he’ll never be able to implement it and/or as much as I don’t like what he’s saying, I think Hillary is much worse, so I’m holding my nose and supporting him.”
Not a single reader emailed me to argue against what I wrote. That has never happened before, and I think it speaks volumes…

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