Unlock Hidden iPhone Settings With Secret USSD Codes

Unlock Hidden iPhone Settings With Secret USSD Codes
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If you’re an iPhone owner, then you know that it has lots of settings and lots of apps for you to tinker with. However, do you take advantage of the opportunity to make the changes available to you? If not, why not? as this level of openness has not always been possible. If you look back to pre-smartphone days, it was often the case with feature phones that settings would be hidden from the average user. And it would take the inquisitive or technically savvy to delve more deeply into the software. However, modern handsets like the iPhone, have what are called USSD codes that enable a user to access hidden settings.

iPhone USSD Codes

I am now going to share with you USSD codes that need to be entered into your iPhone via the phone app. They, require that you enter a few different digits and characters followed by a tap on the call button. Doing so is really easy, but you should be careful! And this is a ‘WARNING’, as sometimes messing around with the settings on your iPhone can cause problems for you at a later date.

So, now that you know that you can access hidden settings on your iPhone, here are the USSD codes, enjoy!

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*3001#12345#* – This code activates Field Mode, and it contains all of the iPhone’s detailed technical settings. Options available to you with this enable you to convert the signal bars into an actual number.

*#5005*7672# – Check SMS center

*646# (Postpaid only) – Display remaining call minutes.

*225# (Postpaid only) – Check the balance of your bill.

*#31# – Gives you the option to hide your phone number.

*3370# – Enable or disable EFR (Enhanced Full Rate), which improves your iPhone’s voice call quality, but will more than likely reduce your iPhone’s battery life.

*#21# – Check call forwarding.

*777# (Prepaid only) – Check your account balance.

*#62# – Check what number incoming calls will be forwarded to if no service is available.

*#76# – Check connecting line presentation.

*#67# – Check the number to be used for call forwarding

*#33# – Check what call types are barred , such as premium rate calling etc.

*#61# – Check how many calls you have missed.

*#06# – Display the IMEI number of your iPhone.

*#43# – Check call waiting status.

*43# – Activate waiting.

#43# – Switch off call waiting.

Final Thoughts

The above are just a few of the USSD codes that are available. And I will endeavour to find and share more with you. In the meantime, I expect you will be busy tonight trying those above out!

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