Toka!Flash Is The Wearable Flash Drive [REVIEW]

Toka!Flash Is The Wearable Flash Drive [REVIEW]

Picture this, you’re on a Safari and have your expensive DSLR camera or iPhone 6s Plus with you. The battery is fully charged, and you are ready to snap pictures and shoot some video. What happens when you fill your storage device? will you pick through what you’ve already shot to weed out the rubbish and clear some space? Personally, I have been in this situation, often when going on spur of the moment trips. I just assume I have enough storage and instead focus on charging the battery. However, this is where the Toka!Flash comes in, continue reading to find out more!

What is Toka!Flash?

The Toka!Flash is a new and cool way, to make sure that you always have some backup storage with you. Unlike most portable Flash storage devices, the TokaFlash is not something that you put into your bag or pocket. Instead, it is a wearable storage device that fits onto your belt! So not only does it offer you the convenience of always having enough storage capacity, but it does not add to your pocket and bag bulk too.

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Easy Data Transfer on the Go

By design Toka!Flash is very easy to work with, its developers are extremely confident that it will be the only portable storage device anyone will ever need. Features of the device, include its ability to transfer data between iOS, Mac or Windows-based PC devices. If you’re a iOS user you can use an Apple Lightning connector for compatibility. As for currently supported iOS devices, they are the iPhone, iPod and iPad Pro.

However, there’s no need to be concerned if you discover that you have left your Lightning connector at home, because Toka!Flash can also receive and transfer data wirelessly to an iOS, Mac or even a Windows-based PC that is setup to receive data in this way.

Whats with the Belt and Buckle?

Toka!Flash was developed by people who live an active lifestyle and like to climb, run and cycle. And as such, the best wanted to design a piece of mobile technology, that could free up their hands and to do this they chose a belt.

Made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium and featuring neodymium magnets, this belt buckle with its uniquely military style belt is extremely tough. The material chosen for the belt was done so with the elements in mind and for people with an active lifestyle.

As for the buckle, this is where all of the hardware and software is installed, it is the brains of the ToksFlash device. To use it you would activate the quick release feature and then chose your method of transfer. As I am writing this the means to do so is a little vague, I have asked the developer to answer some questions, but as of yet have not heard back.

So let’s move on to specifications.

Toka!Flash Technical Specifications

As for its technical specifications, these are a little black and white. There seems to be no further detail to be able to break them down. Yes, I have approached the developer, but as of yet have had no reply on this matter either.

  • Apple Lightning connector for compatibility with iOS devices ( iPhone / iPod / iPad Pro)
  • 3.0 USB connector to allow use with computers ( Mac/PC).
  • Apple Lightning connector speed: 30MB/s (read), 20MB/s (write).
  • USB 3.0 connector speed: 140MB/s (read), 45MB/s (write).
  • Wireless connectivity for files upload&download / Wireless On/Off indicator.
  • Micro SD card reader / Read indicator.
  • Rechargeable battery / Low battery indicator.

If you want to know more about Toka!Flash the wearable flash storage device, you can visit the developers website here. Whilst there you will discover a lot of information, but somehow all of the important bits are missing!

Maybe he / she will get back to me and I will be able to update you on the devices storage capacity, and whether there will be any colour variants. As to me, a militaristic Khaki green is a little boring!

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