Tesla Finally Begins Model X Deliveries In Canada

With every Tesla release, customers that have put their orders in early have largely been frustrated with being forced to wait and this certainly didn’t change in the Great White North with Model X orders facing delays in delivery for Canadian customers.

Tesla Finally Begins Model X Deliveries In Canada

Tesla Model X Signature deliveries in Vancouver

Canadian customers, some of which made reservations over three ago for the Tesla Model X Signature series, are finally the first official drivers of an all-electric SUV in Canada. After some pricing questions and, well, Tesla nonsense that included awaiting approval on final paperwork from Transport Canada late last month, deliveries are expected to continue for the first reservations of its signature series. The production series models should start being delivered in a matter of weeks.

Tesla will be getting some “free” publicity now that a specific couple have received their delivery. There names are Silke & Rolf (being Canada their surname has largely been omitted from print) and the two plan to set off on trip across Canada with the Model X towing a camper that will be carrying an extra battery for the Model X and using solar panels to charge whichever battery is not in use at the time as well as providing the camper with its power needs. This isn’t to say that the couple will not take advantage of the Tesla supercharger network but they certainly have options.

The couple plan to share their adventures on the website

A reservation doesn’t mean a purchase so pricing questions did slow delivery. There was a point where those that made reservations were confused by prices ranging from $120,000 to $226,700 (CAD) which, while Canada’s dollar has been struggling it’s not that low against the dollar, was a little perplexing to those waiting for their SUVs. Prices are now set between $106,000 (CAD) for a Model X 75D to $197,650 (CAD) depending on option packages and battery setups.

Even for those that clearly have a bit of money, they didn’t get “rich” throwing it away and $29,000 even Canadian dollars is a chunk of change for anyone.