Snapchat, Pivotal Labs, Viptela: The Largest VC Valuation Jumps Of May by Kyle Stanford, PitchBook

Uber kicked off June with the addition of $3.5 billion to its latest funding round, growing its already mind-boggling valuation to around $66 billion. Sure, Uber is on a different program than the rest of the VC world, but its funding shows that capital to raise is still out there. As we’ve covered before, while a doom-and-gloom mentality has captured many headlines, a pile of dead unicorns is not around the corner.

Using the PitchBook Platform, which tracks over 25,000 VC valuations, we pulled May’s completed funding rounds in the U.S. and ranked them by largest valuation step-up multiple and post-money dollar increase. Below are the largest valuation jumps.

Our valuation step-up multiple compares a company’s latest pre-money valuation to its previous round’s post-money valuation, helping to benchmark performance across industries or between comparables.

Largest valuation jumps by step-up multiple

Snapchat, Pivotal Labs, Viptela VC Valuation

Largest post-money valuation gains

Snapchat, Pivotal Labs, Viptela VC Valuation