Four Ways To Sabotage The Brexit Verdict

Four Ways To Sabotage The Brexit Verdict

Four Ways To Sabotage The Brexit Verdict by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

The Brexit vote will be rigged.

Regular readers saw that prediction in a recent commentary . The reasoning behind the prediction was straightforward.

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  1. The oligarch puppet-masters who control our governments would not/could not allow “Brexit” to succeed. In specific terms, it would spell the death of the EU, as other EU members would be inspired and empowered to undertake their own secession. In general terms, it would lead to more “dangerous thinking” by the People: further/greater initiatives to take back the control of their own nations.
  2. We have seen the Puppet Masters resorting to election-rigging on a more and more frequent basis, as was spelled out in that previous piece.
  3. Rigging the Brexit vote is (was) the easiest way to thwart the will of the People.

However, while that thinking was sound (as far as it went), in hindsight it now appears somewhat naïve. Yes, preventing Brexit is an absolute priority for the oligarchs, but there are many ways of avoiding this outcome despite the “Leave” vote. Yes, election-rigging has become a popular means of sabotaging what remains of our democratic process, which may be precisely why they decided against such a blatant form of political fraud in this scenario. Everyone was watching the Brexit vote. Yes, rigging the vote would have been the easiest way to frustrate the will of the People – but perhaps not the best way.

Supporting this line of thinking, we also have the reasons/ways in which a “Leave” vote can be used by the oligarchs, as a propaganda tool for their other schemes. Via the mainstream media, we have already seen two ways in which the Brexit vote now serves the oligarchs.

  1. a) It provides another excuse for the liars of the Federal Reserve to once again renege on their pledge to raise interest rates .
  2. b) It could be (will be?) used as the trigger for the Next Crash, which has now been widely telegraphed by the bankers and media drones.

The Mighty U.S. Economy is, supposedly, once again the growth engine of the world. Its Never-Ending Recovery is, supposedly, the envy of all other nations. Yet over a period of 7 ½ years, the Fed-heads haven’t been able to raise the interest rate of this juggernaut more than ¼% above zero. Even the tiniest hiccup is enough to derail the Federal Reserve’s “plans” to raise rates.

A single, bad jobs report was enough to put the brakes on any rate increase for several months. Now we’re told that an overseas vote, which will eventually begin a two-year process, which might lead to economic turmoil is the “reason” why the Federal Reserve can’t raise U.S. interest rates today. Yes, for some strange reason, the Mighty U.S. Economy needs to batten down the hatches now, more than two years in advance of when Brexit might occur.

With the excuses of the Fed-heads for avoiding another rate increase almost as flimsy as the U.S. economy itself, it appears that the oligarchs and their Fed puppets are welcoming the stalling opportunity this has provided. But while it allows the Puppet Masters to stall on one front, the Brexit vote facilitates their scheming on another.

Market “crashes” must occur for a reason, and the reason given to the masses can never be the real reason: that the oligarchs schedule these bubble-and-crash cycles, as one of their most successful schemes for raping-and-pillaging our economies. The pro-Brexit vote provides the oligarchs with an ideal economic Boogeyman. It can blame “Brexit” for all forms of market instability, and/or any “sudden downturns” in the crippled economies of the Corrupt West.

For these two reasons alone, a more astute commentator may have surmised in advance of the voting that the oligarchs wanted a pro-Brexit vote. However, as the saying goes, “hindsight is 20/20.” A pro-Brexit vote can be very useful for the oligarchs, while still leaving them plenty of time and plenty of opportunity to ensure that Brexit itself never becomes a reality. This will be the subject of the remainder of this piece.

While the possibilities here are almost infinite, four likely scenarios come to mind as to how the Puppet Masters will ensure that the pro-independence vote never materializes into an actual UK exit from the European Union:

  1. As the politicians begin the two-year negotiation process specified under Article 50 of the EU Treaty, the EU puppets will be instructed to offer the UK “better terms” to remain in the EU. The supposed pro-independence government of the UK will then claim it “has an obligation” to allow UK voters to vote on these new-and-improved terms, effectively nullifying the original vote.
  2. First the pro-Brexit vote will be used as the trigger for the Next Crash , and then in the ensuing economic panic, the Corporate media will attempt to frighten the UK electorate into pleading for a new vote.
  3. Having already been warned by the propaganda machine (and many EU politicians) that the UK faces “bitter talks” to leave the EU, the supposed pro-independence government will simply throw up its hands, and claim it is “impossible” to negotiate terms which are acceptable to the UK.
  4. The oligarchs will start another, major war. As this manipulated conflict forces Western nations to band together militarily, the propaganda machine will then seek to convince the people that the UK needs to remain in the EU for strategic/geopolitical reasons, and for this reason another vote is necessary.

Taking these permutations in order, the “better terms” scenario is not without pitfalls. If the EU offers the UK new terms which are substantially better than its current terms of membership, this would then encourage some/all of the EU’s other members to have their own referendums, and – at the least – use the vote as leverage to negotiate “better terms” for themselves. It is highly unlikely that the EU could survive a protracted series of Let’s Make A Deal negotiations. Alternately, if the supposed “better terms” are in fact nothing more than window-dressing, the UK’s (new) puppet government would face a potential revolt by the People, for what would/could widely be perceived as an overt and cynical political betrayal.

The crash-and-frighten scenario has several points in its favor. The oligarchs need an excuse for taking down our markets/economies (so they can begin a new bubble cycle), and they don’t want the primary scapegoats to be their central bank lackeys. The Brexit Boogeyman is very convenient.

While a potential “Brexit” two years from now could not possibly be a valid reason for a general economic crash today, these Scripts never have to make sense. One of the advantages of staging an economic crash is that in the ensuing panic, few people are thinking straight, and even fewer are focusing on the actual causes. Instead, it is the unfolding events of the Crash itself which are the focal point.

The potential drawback to this scheme is that it remains highly dubious that the Corrupt West can survive any significant economic shock of this magnitude. Indeed, this may explain why we have not seen the Next Crash triggered already. The up-and-down teetering we have seen in our markets over recent months is, perhaps, an indication of wavering on the part of the oligarchs themselves.

True, these financial pirates have already manufactured the financial crime they call “the bail-in” , precisely so they can use it as a raping-and-pillaging tool in any future crash event. However perpetrating such a crime – on either a large or small scale – would be a pyrrhic victory if these hollowed-out economic husks cannot survive such plundering. This remains a major question-mark, irrespective of the mode or timing of any Next Crash.

Having the UK’s new government throw in the towel during negotiations is another dubious ploy. As has already been publicly noted, both sides in this negotiation have motives for ensuring the two-year negotiation process is (as David Cameron put it) “an amicable divorce” . Divorce is a legal concept with which almost everyone is familiar. It’s not pleasant, but neither is it an impossible process. There would be little voter tolerance for claims that this political/economic divorce could not be negotiated.

This brings us to the last scenario. It has been strongly suggested on several previous occasions (and totally independent of “Brexit”) that the Puppet Masters are already committed to staging another, major war. While their bubble-and-crash cycles are a profitable business, war is even more profitable. U.S. neo-cons have already been doing virtually everything they can to provoke a major war with Russia (and its allies), and/or manufacture another war with the Muslim world .

If another war is already scheduled, it would require little cunning to use that conflict as a magnet to draw “Western allies” closer together, and radically dampen enthusiasm for Brexit. As with an economic crash, war is also a time when rationality is diminished, and clear thinking is at a premium. The same “reasons” for remaining in the EU which failed to persuade UK voters today may suddenly become more persuasive during the Fog of War.

The UK electorate “won.” However, what we will all see in upcoming months is that voting for political independence is far, far easier than achieving political independence. The oligarchs have invested several decades in first creating and then tightening their EU straitjacket. They will not allow that straitjacket to be shredded without a fight, and (apparently) this “fight” has not yet even begun.


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