Possible Shooter At California Army Base, Facility On Lock Down

Law Enforcement officers from numerous jurisdictions in the East Bay of Northern California swarmed to a U.S. Army facility in Dublin, CA today at about 11AM local time after reports of shots fired were phoned into authorities. The Camp Parks is a United States Army facility that trains U.S. Army Reserve personnel and is presently a semi-active mobilization center.

Possible Shooter At California Army Base, Facility On Lock Down

Drones joined the police in cars and on foot looking for the suspected intruder. Law enforcement was represented by police units from Dublin, nearby Livermore and Camp Parks as well as the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. News copters covering the search saw dozens of officers with weapons drawn looking over the area as well as tactical officers which always seem to have an automatic weapon drawn whenever they find themselves on TV or show up to a crime scene.

None of the aforementioned agencies have said that shots were definitively fired today.

Not surprisingly, nearby Dublin schools with either day care programs or summer school sessions were told to shelter in place about 11AM according to a spokesperson for the Dublin Unified School District.

The schools were not locked down meaning that parents were able to go to the schools and pick up their children though those without a parent or guardian to grab them from school were forced to remain in the schools.

At 1PM local time the search was still underway with no intruder found.

Earlier in the day their were false reports of an escape at the nearby Santa Rita Jail, something that was confirmed by the Sheriff’s department which runs the jail.

“It is not moving in the direction of something bad,” said Alameda Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Sgt. Ray Kelly “Right now, it’s under control and safe.

While it appears to be nothing, that will hardly allay the fears of residents watching police pass their homes with guns drawn.