PlayStation 4.5 Neo: Everything You Need To Know

PlayStation 4.5 Neo: Everything You Need To Know
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If you are into all things gaming, then you probably are waiting with baited breath for E3 to start next week. Personally, I like how new hardware announcements make for an exciting E3 and this year there is the potential for it to be the year of the PlayStation 4.5 (not sure of the name) as Sony is likely to rip the covers off the much talked about device!

Not heard of the PlayStation 4.5?

If you’ve not been keeping up to speed with all the latest gongs on in the rumors mill, you are going to get a big shock. As it looks as though both Sony and Microsoft have decided to develop interim console upgrades and maybe even replace the current generation much earlier than is usually expected.

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So, in this article I’m going to tell you everything I know about the PlayStation 4.5, so strap yourself in and be prepared for an unprecedented rumor ride.

Why is the PlayStation 4.5 coming now?

Only three years old, the current PlayStation 4 was released back in 2013 and it has only been a couple of months since the news broke about a possible successor!

Those first rumors broke in March and focused on a device called the PlayStation 4.5, but since then I’ve seen it be referred to with another name, PlayStation Neo. As to which one is correct, I don’t know, but that’s why there is such high anticipation surround E3 this year, there’s a chance we may find out!

How Powerful will it be?

Remember these are only rumors, Sony has not released any information about the consoles specifications. However, a recent report by Kotaku claims that the PlayStation 4.5 will have an upgraded GPU and will be able to support 4K content, this will of course require much more processing power than the current PS4 has at its disposal.

And rumors are speculating, that this increase in processing power will allow developers to create state of the art PlayStation VR games. So that means that not only could the PlayStation 4.5 support 4K, but it could also be VR ready, which is an exciting prospect for sure!

According to a recent report by Giant Bomb, the current Sony console with its 1.6Ghz CPU could be upgraded to 2.1Ghz, and it’s GPU will have a speed boost from 800Mhz to 911Mhz. Also the onboard 8GB of RAM will see a performance increase jumping from 176Gbs to 218Gbs.

Will PS4 owners miss out on anything?

The answer to this one is unknown for sure, but it looks as though if two Sony consoles did exist, then developers would have to create games for both of them. That’s nothing new we’ve seen it before with the PS4 and PS3.

However, there are rumors that suggest the whole reason for the PlayStation 4.5 / Neo centres around Sony wanting a console that can take advantage of what could be a coming Virtual reality gaming and other content revolution. And as the PS4 does not have the power to deliver a high quality VR experience, it does seems as though there is some disparity between rumors.

PlayStation 4.5 could be smaller

There have been no specific rumors pointing towards a smaller updated console, but if Sony’s previous exploits are anything to go by, then yes the PlayStation 4.5 could indeed be a smaller console. Furthermore, as Microsoft is rumored to be in the process of developing a slimmed down version of the Xbox One, called the Xbox One Scorpio it would be sensible for Sony to follow suit.

Could the Rumors be Fake but the Console be Real?

Who knows, but there are now lots of independent tech sites reporting on this subject, so its a good bet that Sony is working on a PlayStation 4.5.

The only serious question for me is, when will Sony make an official announcement. Because some rumors have suggested that Sony may skip E3 in favour of announcing the new console at the Tokyo game show in September. However, that does not seem logical as there are rumors that Microsoft will be announcing its new console next week at E3. So why would Sony wait?

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