iOS 10 Can Increase Storage Space In iPhones

iOS 10 Can Increase Storage Space In iPhones
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The iOS 10 that Apple unveiled last week at WWDC is one of the best smartphone operating systems ever. It brings a redesigned lock screen, an improved Apple Maps, a smarter keyboard, an overhauled Music app, and a revamped Messages app among other things. There are also several dozens of hidden features in the iOS 10 that Apple did not mention at the WWDC keynote.

Developers finding new features in iOS 10 beta

One such feature is a “storage optimization” system that lets users free up storage when it’s running low. The iPhone users can instruct their devices in advance to delete a pre-determined amount of music that they haven’t played in a while. When your phone’s storage is running low, the handset will automatically delete that amount of music to free up space.

But folks at Reddit reported something even more interesting. The Cupertino company has pushed out the developer beta of iOS 10, and developers are already pocking around in the new operating system. Redditors noticed that the new OS can save a few extra GBs of storage immediately after you update the software. This could make a cool gift from Apple to owners of 16GB iPhones.

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iOS 10 can save up to 8GB of space

One Reddit user said their 128GB iPhone 6S had 113GB of total storage capacity before upgrading to iOS 10. The storage space increased to 121GB after the upgrade. Other users in the same thread confirmed that even 64GB and 16GB iPhones showed more available storage space after the upgrade. The 16GB iPhone showed 13.1GB of available storage while the 64GB showed 58.8GB available to users.

Apple did not mention this feature at the WWDC keynote. The iOS 10 is not alone. The macOS Sierra will also clean up junk from MacBooks and iMacs to save some extra storage space. Among other things, the upcoming iOS is said to introduce a new dark mode that will allow users to switch to an interface with dark colors. The iOS 10 would arrive with the iPhone 7 in September.

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