Intel Corporation Says CEO Is Not Endorsing Trump

Intel has stated that the CEO, Brian Krzanish is not publicly endorsing Donald Trump, as a dinner to be held in the presumptive GOP nominee’s honor was cancelled.

Intel Corporation Says CEO Is Not Endorsing Trump
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Fundraising Dinner

Invitations were sent to Republican supporters for a dinner on Thursday, hosted Mr. and Mrs. Brian Krzanich, where it stated that Trump, his finance chairman Steve Mnuchin and vice chairman, Elliot Broidy would all be attending, in what was described as “an exciting dinner with our Republican presidential nominee.” The dinner was expected to raise significant funds for the would be president.

Since the invitations were dispatched, it seems that something has happened as the event has been cancelled and Intel have made it clear that their CEO is not endorsing Trump.

Intel not endorsing Trump

A spokesperson, Lisa Malloy made Krzanich’s position pretty unambiguous, “Brian Krzanich is not endorsing any Presidential candidate,” and added in her statement, “We are interested in engaging both campaigns in open dialogue on issues important to the technology industry.”

Neither Trump’s team nor the Republican National Committee (RNC) have commented on the dinner or its subsequent cancellation.

There was an immediate backlash against Intel when the dinner was announced. What incensed some people was that a company, once led by the Hungarian born immigrant Andy Grove for many years, could be supporting a man with such extreme and hostile views to immigration.


One topic that Krzanish and Trump may have wanted to discuss was reality TV. The Intel CEO is to be one of the judges on “America’s Greatest Makers,” a new reality show where tech startups battle for a $1 million prize, following Trump’s multi season run as the hirer and firer on “The Apprentice.”

Trump has generally not managed to gain much traction with the big tech giants. Amazon and Facebook CEO’s have both come out and criticized Trump, while Meg Whitman, the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has gone further and despite being a well noted Republican, has called Trump completely unfit for office and even denounced him as a ‘demagogue’.

Records show that Brian Krzanich has contributed over $27,000 to political causes, but this has mostly been funneled through the Intel political action committee.