iCloud Music Library Down For Many Users [FIXED]

iCloud Music Library Down For Many Users [FIXED]

Apple’s iCloud Music Library is apparently down for a lot of users, although the iPhone maker has yet to admit it. Twitter is filling up with laments of problems with iCloud Music, although Apple’s Services, Stores, and iCloud Dashboard states that everything is working just fine, as of this writing.

iCloud Music Library outage affecting Apple Music users

The issue affecting Music Library appears to be widespread and impacting all subscribers of Apple Music. Whenever a user launches the Apple Music App on iOS, they are told to sign up for it, whether or not they have a subscription. In some cases, the Music app crashes, and then the user is told to sign up for a subscription. Also some users are reporting that their entire libraries have disappeared, reports 9to5 Mac. The website reports that force-quitting the app and then launching it again appears to fix the issue for some, even leaving the library in place. However, some songs that aren’t saved on the device may not stream.

Some iTunes users are seeing an error message pop up stating: “Unable to connect to iCloud Music Library.” There’s also a message similar to this one that pops up when tracks are played. 9to5 Mac suggests that the issue might resolve itself and possibly be connected to maintenance before WWDC, which kicks off on June 13.

No conspiracy here

One could make a conspiracy theory out of this iCloud Music Library outage, if so desired, seeing the spate of articles explaining how to stop using the Music Library. It seems many Apple users have become enraged by having Apple Music forced on them and being required to sync their devices with the Music Library. Of course we have no indication that this is what has happened, but we’re already hearing plenty of people pass the suggestion. It makes for a good joke as well.


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