List of 65 Hidden Features Of iOS 10

List of 65 Hidden Features Of iOS 10
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What did you think of Apple’s iOS 10 announcement earlier this week? Did it surpass your expectations or fall short? Whatever your answer, I have some good news for you, as it turns out that iOS 10 packs in lots of features that Apple neglected to inform us about at its WWDC conference. Seriously, if you were one of the lucky ones and able to watch the live stream. Then you already know that this year’s iOS update is the largest improvement to the firmware ever seen and expectations are extremely high.

iOS 10 Hidden Features

If you watched the iOS 10 reveal, then you will remember when Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering took to the stage. It was as almost as if, he instantly started talking about the ten most high-profile additions and improvements to be found in the new iOS 10 operating system. However, there were some things he forgot to mention, and they were the seemingly never ending list of less notable additions that make up the majority of iOS 10.

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If you’re asking yourself “But, if he left them out it must mean they’re not important, right?” Well, the answer to that is no how can 60+ software additions be unimportant, especially when Apple is calling iOS 10 the “biggest iOS release ever”.

What are these Hidden iOS 10 Features?

OK, to start with Federighi, did not mention that with iOS 10 a user now has the ability to customize read receipts on a per contact basis in iMessage. He also left out the fact that all stock apps can now be deleted and then reinstalled from the App Store anytime a user wants too. And he also forgot to mention that the Control Center can now make use of 3D Touch, oh and Game center can be removed.

And here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the list of the 65 to be exact iOS 10 features Apple told you absolutely nothing about at WDDC.

  1. iCloud Drive Documents folder.
  2. Bilingual dictionaries in Dutch & Italian.
  3. Apple Pay in Safari.
  4. Mail suggested move folder.
  5. Air quality in Maps for China.
  6. Unlimited tabs in Safari.
  7. Faster Camera launch.
  8. Read receipts by conversation in iMessages.
  9. iCloud Drive Desktop folder.
  10. Air Quality Index for China.
  11. Continuity Clipboard.
  12. Autocorrect improvements for Korean & Thai.
  13. Notes collaboration.
  14. Male and female Siri voices for Russia, Spain & Italy.
  15. Definition dictionary in Danish.
  16. Live Photos stabilization.
  17. Markup in Messages.
  18. Side-by-side Mail composing for iPad.
  19. Location suggestions in Calendar.
  20. New iPad Camera UI.
  21. Live Filters for Live Photos.
  22. Conversation views in Mail.
  23. New keyboard sound.
  24. Cellular Data option in 3D Touch Quick Actions.
  25. Take photos while listening to music.
  26. Optimized storage for Music.
  27. Discover in iBooks.
  28. Improved Auto Enhance in Photos.
  29. Faster FaceTime connectivity.
  30. CarPlay app reordering.
  31. Split View in Safari on iPad.
  32. Rest & type iPad keyboard.
  33. Sort Favorites in News.
  34. Found in Messages.
  35. Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos.
  36. Mail filters.
  37. CarPlay on ultra wide screens.
  38. Bedtime alarm.
  39. Siri in South Africa & Ireland.
  40. Definition dictionary in Traditional Chinese.
  41. Live Photos editing.
  42. Avoid tolls in Maps.
  43. New file system called ‘Apple File System’.
  44. Home screen widgets in 3D Touch Quick Actions.
  45. Get Alerts on where you parked your car.
  46. In-line video playback in Messages, Safari and other apps.
  47. Mailbox column
  48. Faster attachment sending in Messages.
  49. No Game Center app, service is still there.
  50. Delete stock Apple apps.
  51. Re-download stock Apple apps from App Store.
  52. Panes in Control Center.
  53. New animations for opening and closing apps.
  54. 3D Touch in Control Center.
  55. New Back button.
  56. New Folder view.
  57. App Store gets back Categories tab.
  58. Slide to unlock is gone from Lock screen and replaced by “press Home to unlock”.
  59. Read receipts for individual Contacts in Messages.
  60. Today View in Notification Center removed from iPhone, but still there on iPad.
  61. Widgets now show up on the left side of Home screen, as well as on the left side of the Lock screen.
  62. Low intensity, Medium intensity, High-intensity options for Torch/Flashlight.
  63. ReplayKit now allows for live video streaming from apps and games, as well as screen-casting.
  64. The iPad is now a hub for HomeKit instead of Apple TV.
  65. RAW support in the Camera app.

And that’s them all of the 65 hidden features that come along with iOS 10! Are you excited about getting your hands on the public beta in July?

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