Google Pleased With ‘Honking’ Algorithm In Self-Driving Cars

Google Pleased With ‘Honking’ Algorithm In Self-Driving Cars
google_car by sam_churchill on 2012-05-21 08:33:10

There is little question that the horn is a safety feature if used correctly. It’s also, unfortunately, a means by which impatient drivers make things worse and has prompted countless roadside fights and negative responses from other drivers including road rage. Based on where you live, the horn is also a bit like the car alarm it’s “going off” so often that it loses its intended utility in something resembling “the boy who cried wolf.”

Stop with the horn use please

I don’t know anyone who likes to get stuck in traffic. It surely wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if I was in a Tesla Model S equipped with “auto-pilot” features where I would simply get caught up on emails or perhaps read and actual newspaper or book made of, dare I say it, paper. Surely, I would find something to do. Hell, any self-driving car would do the trick. I’ve never in my life found that traffic is sped up by the maniacal use of a horn from six cars back. Firstly, you have no bloody honking at and I don’t want to be here either. The use of your horn is really on exacerbating matters and making traffic worse, and like yawning, it’s contagious.

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