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Francois Trahan: Volatile Markets

A WEALTHTRACK exclusive with Wall Street’s number one ranked strategist. Cornerstone Macro’s Francois Trahan explains how to make money in an increasingly volatile and difficult market.

Francois Trahan: Accept The Fact That The Markets Will Fluctuate

  • Avoid trying to time the market
  • Stick with your financial game plan
  • Stick with investment discipline that works for you financially & emotionally
  • Take advantage of “Mr. Market’s” mood swings
  • Buy some stocks when cheap & sell some stocks when high

Withstand Violent Market Cycles

  • Focus on core holdings
  • Not tied to the business cycle

Francois Trahan from the WEALTHTRACK archives:

Surprise Risk

Cornerstone Macro’s Francois Trahan, Wall Street’s #1 ranked portfolio strategist for the last 4 years running says there is a risk he is tracking that could take the markets by surprise this year. While everyone is focusing on deflation, he is watching inflation.

Francois Trahan