Former BlackBerry Ltd CEO Heins Quits As Powermat CEO

Former BlackBerry Ltd CEO Heins Quits As Powermat CEO
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Former BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins quit as chief executive officer of wireless charging company Powermat Technologies on Tuesday. Heins threatened to resign earlier also, claiming a hostile work environment, reported Bloomberg News, citing a person familiar with the matter in March.

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Powermat still searching for a CEO

In a statement dated June 27, Israel-based Powermat confirmed Heins’ resignation, saying it will receive new funding from Hudson Clean Energy Partners and start searching for a new CEO. Michael Blumenthal, a managing partner at Grant Thornton, has been named as the new head of Powermat’s board while the wireless company is looking for a new CEO.

A legal filling shows that Heins found himself at the center of a battle for control of Powermat between different factions on the board. According to former CEO and founder Ran Poliakane, Heins was spending the company’s money without an approved budget. Investors, including Goldman Sachs and Hudson Clean Energy, supported Heins.

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Poliakine filed a lawsuit against the wireless charging company accusing the firm of mismanagement. Poliakine, who was pushed out as CEO, said he is pleased that the agreement is completed. He said he is looking forward to watching the wireless charging company continue to build its strength and leadership position.

Heins steps down as chairman of board also

As former CEO of BlackBerry, Heins supervised the Canadian firm during an ill-fated push into touchscreen phones. Heins, who left BlackBerry in 2013, will relinquish his role as chairman of Powermat’s board of directors as well. The Israel-based wireless charging company thanked the ex-CEO for his efforts in advancing its leadership position in wireless charging. The wireless charging giant explained that Heins’ resignation is part of its larger plan to position itself for growth in the near term and realign all shareholders’ interest.

In a world still tied to plug-in charging cords, Powermat is fighting to position itself as the go-to standard for wireless charging. The wireless charging company is not alone in this race. Rivals like Qi are competing for placement in the latest smartphones, and Apple is also working on wireless tech.

First glimpse of BlackBerry Hamburg

In other BlackBerry-related news, we may have the first picture of the BlackBerry Hamburg. On Wednesday, Twitter user The Malignant posted a photoshopped picture, claiming it to be of a handset named the BlackBerry NEON. The user claimed that the body of the phone will be “partially” aluminum.

Earlier this week, there were rumors that BlackBerry is partnering with TCL to work on a device condemned Hamburg.

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  1. He is playing to his strengths which is software. Why should blackberry continue to support a money losing division? No board of directors would allow a CEO to continue to prop up a segment of the company that is a drain on the bottom line. As always, you show you have no idea how businesses work in the real world.

  2. Jon, Re: “Blackberry has spent the past 2 years pivoting away from Hardware and moving to become primarily an end to end Software and Server solutions company.” the only reason they are pivoting away from hardware is only because they don’t know how. Chen has no clue how to envision a smartphone and that the reason he is abandoning it. He is a cop out and you know it.

  3. Ummmmmmm…..yeah, because Blackberry is going to call up a nameless, faceless internet troll who has been bashing them for years to “help them”. Keep dreaming.

    Blackberry has spent the past 2 years pivoting away from Hardware and moving to become primarily an end to end Software and Server solutions company. The fact that you still harp on your “imaginary phone and OS”, shows you haven’t been following what Chen has been doing since he took over as CEO.

    Yes Blackberry would like to see hardware sales rise, but they are not tied to hardware sales as much as you would like to believe they are.

  4. If Blackberry fires Chen and reinstates Thorsten, I would be more than happy to work with him. It now has been proven that Chen is failing miserably in the turnaround efforts of BlackBerry. I am surprised at this point BlackBerry is still not prepared to try anything in hopes of a real turnaround, for this reason BlackBerry is not a good pick for investors.

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