Cornell Researchers Calling For 1,500 Years Before Aliens

Cornell Researchers Calling For 1,500 Years Before Aliens

Well before the “super cute” Drew Barrymore stole America’s collective heart as “Gertie” in the Steven Spielberg directed “E.T.m” people all over the world have been fascinated with alien life. Hell, you could go back a few years from there and suggest that it was Orson Wells’ radio call of H.G. Well’s “War of the World’s that is responsible for the real interest in aliens outside of books that preceded that reading that truly scared thousands of people.

1,500 hundred year wait for contacting aliens or contact from them

Now, aliens could make their presence known to us next week, that’s highly unlikely. However, if they possessed some sort of inter-galactic transporting or ultra-warp speed they could certainly just materialize in our atmosphere tonight with no advance warning. But let’s just trust that’s not going to happen.

Astronomers from Cornell University presenting research today at the American Astronomical Society’s meeting in San Diego, suggest that’s is more likely that we’re looking at about 1,500 years to come in contact with other alien beings, this of course is assuming there is life elsewhere in the universe.

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