Charlie Mungers speech on Ideas that have Aided his Success

Charlie Mungers speech on Ideas that have Aided his Success
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Charlie Mungers speech on Ideas that have Aided his Success

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Published on Jun 5, 2016

Charlie Munger at the USC Law School giving a Commencement Speech on May 13, 2007. Charlie's speech centres around ideas. Ideas that have helped him to become successful and what ideas to avoid in life. This speech reflects his wisdom and delivers an insight into the mind of Charlie Munger.

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0:00 Introduction to Charlie.
3:57 Start of Charlie Munger.
6:14 Ideas that have aided Charlie.
9:20 Become a learning machine.
14:12 Become multi disciplinary.
19:49 What to avoid in life.
30:51 Non egality approach
37:28 Anticipate trouble
39:40 Highest form of civilization
41:06 End of Charlie.
41:07 Outro speech

Charlie Mungers speech on Ideas that have Aided his Success

6:36there is no ethos in my opinion that is better for any lawyer or any other
6:44person to have by and large the people who had this ethos when in life and they
6:51don't want just money just honors and amalia months they win the respect you
6:57deserve trust of the people they deal with and there is huge pleasure in life
7:04to be obtained from getting deserved trust and so and the way to get it is to
7:11deliver what you would want to buy if the circumstances were reversed
7:18occasionally is find a perfect role of a person who guys rich and with
7:28and widely known but mostly these people are fully understood by the surrounding
7:35civilization and when the cathedral is full of people at the funeral ceremony
7:43most of murder are there to celebrate the fact that the person is dead and
7:50that reminds me of the story of the time when one of these people died in the
7:56minister said it's now time for someone to say something nice about the deceased
8:01and nobody came forward and nobody came forward and nobody came forward and
8:07finally one man came up and he said well his brother was worse
8:12that is not where you want to go
8:19that's not the kind of funeral you want to have you leave entirely the wrong
8:24example a second idea that i got very early was that there's no love that so

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