Charlie Munger on the Economy, Opportunities and America

Charlie MungerBy Nick (Charlie Munger) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Charlie Munger on the Economy, Opportunities and America

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ublished on May 22, 2016

A interview and Q&A with Charlie Munger at the university of Michigan. Charlie Munger is a billionaire and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. In this interview Charlie covers a wide range of topics from the economy to health care and delivers thoughtful and thought provoking answers to all questions.

Video segments below:

0:07 Start of introduction
1:50 President of university speech
8:02 Start of Charlie Munger
8:35 The Economy, job market and employment advice
18:53 Is Wall Street full of bad guys, accountants and politian’s
28:46 Communism
30:15 Fixing the economy, improving infrastructure and energy
43:37 University of Michigan
46:11 Start of questions
46:29 How to move America away from short-term incentives?
55:47 How to fix the accounting profession?
57:55 Should a young person put their savings into the market?
1:01:52 Is this generation up to the challenges of the future?
1:03:55 Would it better to hold equity or gold? Could America follow Japans stagflation?
1:07:39 How to fix pension and healthcare liabilities?
1:16:04 Your views on Investing in companies for social and financial reward?
1:18:20 Take opportunities
1:22:24 How can America retains its competitive edge?
1:29:27 Social Fractioning in America
1:32:10 Why are bailouts necessary?
1:35:54 Funding projects with a high deficit?
1:38:14 Future of health care?
1:44:29 Improvements for the legal system
1:50:39 How would your life be different if you went to business school?
1:52:18 How would you create rational system?

Interview year: 2010

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