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The CFA Exam is not the Best Option for Finance Professionals (Video)

We look into the CFA Exam, and discuss a more preferred option for actually learning the fundamentals of Finance.

cfa exam

0:04in this video we’re going to talk about the cfa exam
0:07chartered financial analyst over the weekend people took part in this
0:15endeavor and we’ll talk about some of the pluses and minuses and what’s the
0:20better preferred option very important the industry in a lot of times people
0:25think they can make money but if you really looking for a long-term plan and
0:30the better way you want to avoid the learning environment which are heavily
0:37cramming and test-taking vs understanding and learning material over
0:46a longer hole and then being able to think analytically the next level about
0:52the material and that’s really the important skill and finance
0:56so this insider cover some of the 20 horror stories about the brutal exam and
1:03anybody that puts them through this themselves through this you have to just

9:52alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs
9:56the section and Newton critical analysis reason by elimination elimination
10:01analysis of a problem into alternative possibilities followed by the systemic
10:05rejection of an acceptable alternative reductionism the analysis of complex
10:09being into simpler constituents systems analysis analysis of all aspects of the
10:15project along with ways to collect information about the operation of its
10:19part trend analysis analysis of change over time and so that’s why a lot of
10:25this animal
10:26medical thinking you can even find such degrees in engineering and that’s why
10:30engineers often do really well in business they start off and engineering
10:34and then transfer to an MBA and get their business and then go into wall
10:39street and they are often good the reason philosopher’s do so well and
10:43legal and law because they have really good thinking critical thinking and
10:47analytical skills and this can benefit you in business as well so that’s my
10:52take on the cfa exam
10:54I understand their pluses from the networking standpoint
10:58looks good on your resume and can get you higher pay and get your head but i
11:02think from the long-term standpoint there’s a better way to move forward in
11:07corporate finance
11:09ok so that’s our look at the cfa exam

The CFA Exam is not the Best Option for Finance Professionals (Video)