Active Shooter, Hostage Situation At Amarillo, TX Wal-Mart

Police have rushed to a Wal-Mart in Amarillo, TX after receiving reports of shots fired.

The police have apparently entered the building after a store employee told the police that the shooter had released an employee but that he remained in the building with a store manager. The police are now saying there is no “ongoing” shooting and that they have yet to find any gunshot victims.

Active Shooter, Hostage Situation At Amarillo, TX Wal-Mart

The incident is being called an act of “workplace violence” as an employee seems to have a gun and taken his boss hostage.

Jeff Nunn, the president of a nearby bank told the Amarillo Globe-news that a helicopter is on scene along with about 20 police vehicles.

We will update this situation as more details become available.

KFDA is reporting that the police believe they are looking for a Somali man wearing Wal-Mart khakis.

While it appears the building as been largely evacuated of customers police have still cordoned off the building as well as closing a number of streets in the vicinity.

“Please avoid the area so that officers can focus on the scene and not traffic,” the Amarillo Police Dept. said in a statement.

Obviously, the large police presence is warranted if for no other reason than the tragic events in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead in the gay nightclub Pulse.


The local NBC affiliate CDFW is now reporting that the hostage situation is over after the Amarillo PD SWAT team shot and killed the hostage taker.

At 11:43 the Amarillo Police Department tweeted:

Suspect has been shot by APD SWAT and is apparently dead. Hostages inside are safe http://nixle.us/8ZN2L

If simply a beef between two co-workers, this will likely be the last we have to report on this today.