WhoApp – How To Find Unknown Callers Name And Address

WhoApp – How To Find Unknown Callers Name And Address

If like me you are regularly in receipt of calls that you neither asked for nor want, then you know how frustrating that can be. However, what’s even more frustrating is when the caller decides to either withhold their number or they’re just not in your contacts so, you don’t have a clue who’s calling. You may have also experienced this kind of call at the most awkward of moments, like when in a meeting or talking to a doctor! Fortunately, there is some good news; I recently came across an iOS App called WhoApp, which may actually be able to solve this problem.

WhoApp the World’s Largest Address Book

The developers of WhoApp make the rather extraordinary claim that it has the world’s largest address book. When I read this it instantly caught my attention, and I decided to give it a try. So installed in onto my iPhone 6S to give the app the once over and see if the developers claims are true.

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Find the Name and Address of Unknown Callers

This app is certainly different from anything I’ve tried previously, after I installed it the apps makes it clear that after the next unknown caller rings my iPhone I would be able to discover their name and address, see a profile picture of the caller and even an email address and more! Surely that’s a little far-fetched I thought!

WhoApp Lookup any number

However, the process of receiving a call and then knowing the information is not automated, after I received a call, I had to enter the number in to WhoApp’s look up screen. This is when the app provides the data.

WhoApp Limitations

As far as its limitations are concerned there are a few, with the most important probably being the limited amount of carriers it supports. Currently, there WhoApp supports At&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and Metro PCS. I think to make this app a complete hit in the App Store it needs to support carriers from across the world, but maybe that’s something that it’s developers could be working on.

The second problem for me is privacy, WhoApp requires that you give it access to your contacts list. It does this, but at the same time promises to keep the privacy of your contacts safe. However, in a world where data breaches are becoming more common exactly how it can promise this with 100% surety is now known.

Final Thoughts

WhoApp is available for free on the US App Store and is currently compatible with iPhone’s, iPad’s and the iPod touch running on iOS 9.1 and later.

As for how good the app is, I consider it to be a work in progress a Beta if you will. At the moment the app does not work as smoothly as I would like and the user interface could do with some refinement. However, if it were to get these improved upon and be available to users in a few more countries it could really be a use full app.

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