White House On Lockdown Following Nearby Shooting

ABC and other news outlets are reporting that the White House is on lockdown, no one in or out, following a shooting that was reported near by on West Executive Drive.

As it happens, President Obama is not presently on the premises, but the Secret Service is following the same protocol that they would if the president or his family were in the building or the White House compound.

White House On Lockdown Following Nearby Shooting

While there is little more additional information available, that is certain to change shortly and we will update this story when there is more to report.


Apparently, the lockdown has been lifted with D.C. Fire and EMS both saying one person was shot at the intersection of 17th and E streets, which is outside the White House grounds, and the injured person was transported to the hospital with injuries believed to be critical.


Apparently, according to numerous reports, shots were fired at the White House itself, and there is someone in custody. WLWT, a NBC affiliate in Cincinnati is reporting that the suspected shooter “is down” without adding more.

Earlier the U.S. Park police tweeted, ” Shooting on W. Executive Dr. PIO en route to 17th and Pennsylvania.”


It should be noted that West Executive Drive lies within the security perimeter of the White House and separates the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (home to much of the president’s staff) from the West Wing of the White House.

Reporters and visitors to the White House were directed to the basement of the building to “shelter in place” and numerous news outlets are reporting that there are a number of (Secret Service) snipers on the roof of the White House with rifles trained in the direction of the shooting which occurred earlier.

The president was at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland when the shooting occurred.