Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Data Ahead Of Q1 Earnings Call

Ahead of the Wal-Mart earnings call on 5/18, Verto Analytics would like to share a few data points and highlights. Verto provides a single-source, cross-device audience measurement solution that measures the complex behavior of today’s mobile consumer on every device, app, screen, and platform they use throughout their day. Think comScore + Nielsen + App Annie on steroids.

Wal-Mart Data Ahead Of Q1 Earnings Call

  • 162.6M users have accessed Wal-Mart’s services at least once during March 2016 in the US, giving Wal-Mart a 65.6% net reach in the US
  • On average, 27.4M users have accessed Wal-Mart’s services on a daily basis in March 2016, yielding a 16.9% stickiness factor
  • An average Wal-Mart user spends less than an hour per month on Wal-Mart’s services, with an average session duration of 3.5 minutes
  • Among primary online devices, 107.9M users have accessed Wal-Mart’s services on a PC, 72.5M on a smartphone, and 25.1M on a tablet
  • The average amount of time spent per user per month on Wal-Mart’s services on a PC is 0.8 hours, vs. 0.3 hours on a smartphone, and 0.4 hours on a tablet
  • 57% of Wal-Mart’s user base is female and 43% is male
  • Wal-Mart’s user base consists of 25% Millennials, 25% Gen X, 34% Baby Boomers, and 15% Silents

Quote from Verto’s CEO and founder:

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“Walmart is naturally best known for its brick-and-mortar stores. What’s interesting to note, however, is their 163M monthly active unique users that their reach across PCs, smartphones and tablets, with 163M monthly active users – which trails only slightly after eBay (164M), and Amazon’s (222M) monthly active unique cross-device users. Walmart’s mobile audience has been growing steadily, to 73M monthly smartphone and 25M tablet users, and Walmart is certainly the most notable legacy player that has been able to build quickly their online user base. People check offers on Walmart sites, they use their apps to make the shopping experience more comfortable, and in many ways they pose a challenge to both incumbent e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon, and new-generation mobile shopping apps like Shopkick. The billion-dollar question is, whether Amazon destroys and takes money out of incumbent retailers, or whether incumbent retailers up their game against their online-only competitors over the next couple of years?” comments Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, Ph.D., CEO of Verto Analytics.

Verto’s Methodology: Verto Analytics is the only comprehensive measurement approach that presents all screens and media types in a statistically-driven, single-source measurement panel. Verto’s Smart Panel is an ongoing market research project that measures consumer behavior across more than half a billion devices. Verto works with the Smart Panel to gain information about how the general consumer is using the their devices — from the internet and their favorite sites, their mobile apps, media, technology and more. The information collected is aggregated and analyzed to help companies understand how to give their consumer a better, more meaningful online experience. Verto’s Smart Panel data is then matched with cross-device census data, and therefore, measures the total market, making it possible to project a statistically-accurate measurement free of bias and other limitations of panel-based research.