Valeant: A Hedge Fund Hotel Wrecking Ball

Valeant: A Hedge Fund Hotel Wrecking Ball

VRX: Hedge Fund Hotel Wrecking Ball

The big name hedge funds are finally dumping Valeant (NYSE: VRX). Better late than never.

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Brave Warrior dumped 4.2 million Valeant shares, two-thirds of its stake. At one point they had a quarter of their fund in the pharma company and had been owners for four years. Braham Capital dumped 8.2 million shares after having held Valeant shares for five years and making up a third of the fund’s portfolio at one point. Senzar Asset Management sold its 1.3 million shares. Other funds selling out of their stakes include JANA Partners, Lone Pine Capital, Iridian Asset Management and Viking Global.


VRX – There are some ballsy funds out there, nonetheless.

Most notably, David Tepper’s Appaloosa Management, which added a $25 million Valeant position last quarter. Others joining Appaloosa in the bottom feeding include Farley Capital (up its stake by 40%) and Okumus Fund.

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But one of the biggest Valeant bears has finally come full circle.

Andrew Left, who runs Citron Research, put out a short report on Valeant in October, which put a bright spotlight on the pharma company. In that report, Left called Valeant Enron-like, inflating sales with fake revenues. Left is now long the stock, looking for a bounce, noting that Valeant’s stock is priced like it’s going out of business. The stock has tumbled some 90% since peaking in fall 2015.

This fall has taken Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square to the woodshed. His fund was down over 20% in 2015 and is already down 18% this year.

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