Verizon Workers – Activists Call For Massive Strike On May 5th

Get ready for some “action” – As you know unless you have been living in a cave, Verizon Workers have been protesting against the company over wages. One of the biggest labor unions of the country, the Teamsters are calling for a giant protest tomorrow. The following statement was just sent by activists to ValueWalk. See the text below.

Verizon Workers protest

On April 13, 2016 I declared that the Teamsters stand united with the Communications Workers of American and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ strike against Verizon. As the strike continues into its fourth week, Verizon workers are determined to fight for as long as it takes to protect good jobs for themselves and those who follow.

Tomorrow, May 5, Verizon strikers will be picketing at Verizon storefronts across the country, letting the company know that they’re not backing down.

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Teamster Local Unions and members are urged to support our union brothers and sisters at Verizon in the following ways:

  1. Participate in the Day of Action tomorrow, Thursday, May 5, by joining pickets at Verizon storefronts across the country.
  2. Promote the Day of Action through your social media platforms. and follow #StandUp2Vz on Twitter.
  3. Adopt a Verizon Wireless Store. Visit
  4. Sign the petition to “Stand with Striking Workers”.
  5. Send photos of Teamsters on Verizon picket lines so we can share them through IBT social media.

It’s more important now than ever to show Teamster solidarity in standing up to corporate greed. We have our own battles with corporate giants like US Foods where multiple Teamster Local Unions are on Unfair Labor Practice strikes, and at a Supervalu-owned distributor that services Kroger stores in Colorado.

By having a strong Teamster presence supporting CWA and IBEW and helping those unions win their battles, we will help our union win current and future battles against these corporate giants.


James P. Hoffa