Venezuela In Martial law As Arab Spring Arrives (Video)

Venezuela In Martial law As Arab Spring Arrives (Video)
It is time for Venezuelans to organize and reject their failed government`s inept policies, kick out their incompetent leaders, and unqualified military generals from running business enterprises.

Venezuela – revolt

0:00readings this is econ matters as may 14 2016 talk about Venezuela venezuelan
0:07president declares sixty-day state of emergency planning US-french stability
0:12Maduro says washington’s actually measured the question as well as fascist
0:21party officials have given them to looters as criminals and smugglers
0:25seeking to make a quick buck from reselling murderers bout a tough hand
0:29against violence in his enemies are plotting a coup attempt to this week
0:32suspension of Brazilian leader critics counter that hunger and desperation are
0:37pushing people to the situation worse and barring urgent policy changes such
0:43as easy as strict currency and price controls and crimped imports and
0:47production so you can see the lack of common themes to divert attention from
0:55the government’s incompetents their policies by blaming the west and sort of
1:03having a natural enemies enemy big bad Western capitalistic state social
1:10programs and it’s obvious that their system is broken it as not work and you
1:18dire need of a change the country’s literally on the break of a revolution
1:24and the citizens of breath finally reached a breaking point where their
1:29licenses life is worse off in doing that and so you almost have nothing to lose
1:36for a lot of their citizens and as we can see if you look at some of their
1:42statistics right you know 6.8% GDP growth rate looks good and tell you look
1:51at the annual GDP growth rate down 7.1%
2:00core inflation rate over 60% food inflation three hundred and fifteen
2:06percent interest rate 21.9% this is a broken economy it just shows that your
2:15system has failed and you need to be kicked out of office ASAP this is now
2:25sitting competence on a grand scale and given the fact that your resource rich
2:30country for instance your policy of kicking out all the Western E&P firms
2:37that could have helped you monetize your fast oil reserves considered some of the
2:41largest in the world and you’re only producing 2.5 million barrels per day
2:46and declining at a massive rate in a low price environment where your country
2:54needs the money more than ever it shows the failed policies of your socialistic
3:00system and juxtapose vs saudi Arabia’s 10 million barrels per day with the
3:10equivalent resources your strategy of kicking the West firms out to maximize
3:15your resources has failed
3:17right now the big bad Western oil companies we gotta get rid of them we
3:21need to state or private eyes all these resources
3:24every time the country does this it is a disaster so
3:30it is obvious that Venezuela citizens and reached a breaking point regardless
3:38if they want to do some kind of form of Scandinavia you know socialistic model
3:45with annexin capitalism it’s obvious that they needed a large dose of
3:51capitalistic principles in their economy you cannot have strict currency and
3:58price controls
4:00and you know have you know capital interest rates 21 percent right that’s
4:11just corporate business strategy cannot have a core inflation rate of 60 percent
4:15inflation at three hundred and fifteen percent your practice basically paying
4:23off military leaders by putting them charge of business industries and
4:27running them and they have no qualifications is just unacceptable it
4:31just makes everybody’s quality of life by poor utilization of resources and
4:38we’re literally talking about you know welcome to Venezuela Venezuela is awash
4:44with naturally such resources such as diamond bauxite gold iron ore and
4:49natural gas and toll in you know you have all these metals fossil fuels and
4:58compared to like Australia to maximize their natural resources mining literally
5:05this country is just a failed state and it shows that socialism is a failed
5:12enterprise every country that has tried your brand of socialism has failed
5:16miserably so at this point citizens need to repeal they need to get on Twitter
5:22Facebook they need to start organizing and they need to throw their government
5:27leaders out and they need to put a lot of pressure on the military to get them
5:31out of rules of business they do not need to be run businesses that their
5:35unqualified for and you need to start bringing in outside help human capital
5:40from external sources will go a long way in helping you improve your situation
5:45and monetize your resources all countries do it it’s no shame China does
5:51China has a lot of capitalistic principles and they outsource a lot of
5:54their human capital needs until they can develop them get to the point where
5:58they’re self-sufficient and that standpoint Saudi Arabia does the same
6:01thing that’s the model that works and that’s what the Venezuelan citizens need
6:08to adopt they need to divide adopt capitalistic principles and the free
6:14market of outsourcing for the intellectual capital they need to
6:19monetize their resources but when your life is gotten to this point that is not
6:25normal people don’t stand on line in lines to shop for basic goods that is
6:30not normal in a normal country your system is broken the citizens need to
6:35wake up putting pressure on the government to kick them out this is your
6:41Arab Spring get to work