Uncharted 4: How To Find Treasure And Trophies

Uncharted 4: How To Find Treasure And Trophies

I remember playing the first of these games back in the day on my PlayStation 3 however, times have moved on since then and Uncharted 4 is out and everyone is talking about it. In this article, I am going to tell you how to find all the treasure trophies from chapter-1 all the way through to chapter-3.

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This is now way an exhaustive list as the game is still a work in progress for me (I’m still playing it), I’ve tried to include as many images as I can. So that you can get a better idea of where in the game I’m talking about for each trophy, But if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below!

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Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End Treasure Trophy Guide

In this final outing for the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake is back. And for some reason this time, it is even more personal than the last! Just like with the previous Uncharted games, Uncharted 4 is speckled with gorgeous scenery, amazing though through puzzles and lots and lots of story with lots and lots of action!!

And just like with the earlier incarnations, there is a load of treasure to find, which has been cleverly hidden throughout the game. This treasure has been hidden throughout the entirety of the games 22 chapters (levels) and in total there are over 100 pieces of treasure awaiting your discovery.

In this guide I am going to walk you through as far as I have currently been, and as I said earlier provide images where I can. But remember this, finding your first treasure will reward you with the trophy called “first treasure”. Finding 50 treasures will reward you with the “Treasure Hunter” trophy. And finding all 100+ treasures will reward you with the “True Master” trophy.

So next I will list each Chapter and tell you how to find the treasure:


Sorry no treasure here, well none that I could find!

Chapter 1: The Lure of Adventure

And again no treasure.

Chapter 2: The Lure of Adventure

The treasure you’re looking for here is called the Panamanian Cat Pendant –This is the first piece of treasure that can be found. This can be found in the round well, just after Vargas decides to let Nate go. To find it, you will have to drop into the darkness of the well and look down the dark tunnel. If you look closely you will see light reflect off this first piece.

Navaja Folding Knife

To find the second treasure in this Chapter of Uncharted 4, you will have to make your way through a substantial part of the level until you finally reach the inside of the high-prison. However, before you get to the cell, drop down the broken up stairs, which are to the right and head to the lower level.

When you get down there, you will see a pile of rubble next to a column, you’ll find the treasure there.

Chapter 3: The Malaysia Job – 4 Treasures

Antique Padlock

When you get control of Nate, swim to the right hand side of the huge rock in front of you. Now look for a tree trunk, which is being held up across two rocks. The treasure is right there between them, but buried in the sand.

Chiriquí Shark Trinket

To discover this next treasure you will need to continue to swim through the level, until you come across two archways. They are side by side buried deep in the rock. Once you have passed through one of the archways, turn around and you will see this treasure twinkling whilst resting between two open holes.

Antique Pocket watch

Next you will reach a wrecked container, which is full of the mission’s objective. To get the next treasure you will have to align yourself with the rear corner of the container, making sure that you’re pointing in the same direction as the top of the trailer.

Now swim forward, into the grass and you will find a piece of treasure that is resting on the rocks.

Antique Arcade Token

To find this next treasure, you will have to head up the stairs; they are straight in front of Nate just after he drops from the trailer on the barge. Look for the shelf to the right and run along the railing. You will find the treasure, on the very last shelf!

So that is as far, as I have travelled in Uncharted 4. In what is a truly exciting and engrossing game to play. Personally I didn’t want to spoil the game too much for you because half the fun of playing a game is the adventure and hours of frustration it one can bring (well for me anyway).

I hope this in-depth, but brief guide goes some-way to helping you enjoy the early Chapters of the game like I have. And you never know, I may be back with more how to find articles on Uncharted 4 sometime soon!

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