Twitter Now Shows Popular Tweets Liked By Friends At One Place

Twitter Now Shows Popular Tweets Liked By Friends At One Place

Twitter is bringing another improvement to its service. Now users can see better suggestions specifically around tweets they might enjoy. The micro-blogging site is organizing the most popular tweets liked by the people they follow into a module reminiscent of “while you were away.”

Not a new feature entirely from Twitter

According to the micro-blogging firm, not only will tweets be grouped by likes, but they are also going to feature people outside of your timeline. For instance, if a friend you follow on Twitter likes a tweet, then that tweet might show up in this group.

“We’re continuing to work on new ways to surface the best content for our users,” a Twitter spokesperson told VentueBeat.

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Is showcasing tweets you might like a new feature? No. Since 2014, the micro-blogging giant has been integrating them within the timeline. You can check that by browsing your timeline. There are chances that you might see a tweet from a person you did not know you followed, says VentureBeat. If you look closely, then you will notice the tweet liked by X, Y, and Z.

How this new feature helps

So what the micro-blogging giant is really doing is making them appear in one place instead of scattering them in different places. The user will be able to see these “popular tweets” and decide whether they want to like, re-tweet or follow.

This new improvement will hopefully make the timeline cleaner and less confusing. At the same time, users will better understand what conversations are taking place and pass their own comments. Also they can discover new people with interesting thoughts and follow them for more updates, the report says.

The new improvement applies to TV shows, politics and more. It broadens a user’s network to not only read the opinions of other people about topics but understand the value of real-time conversations on the platform, the report says.

Lately, the micro-blogging site has been facing many problems like user growth, advertisers, etc. Hence, it is looking for ways to improve its services. The social media company needs this and many other features to get the same growth it had years ago. The company gained 5 million users this past quarter, and it needs to continue increase its user engagement to get more new users. Also increasing the number of new users is just as important as keeping old and existing ones satisfied with the platform.

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