How To Stop Using iCloud Music Library On iPhone And Mac

How To Stop Using iCloud Music Library On iPhone And Mac

It’s a well known fact that Apple wants to push Apple Music, but many people are a little fed up that they seem to have to sync their Apple Music with the iCloud Music Library to be able to access music on other devices. Again it is a matter of fact that people just don’t want to have to do that, due to there being a danger of music becoming mismatched.

Furthermore, users don’t see any reason to have to stream local music to any other iOS or Mac devices because they can always do so using the Apple Music streaming catalogue.

How to turn off iCloud Music Library on iPhone

This procedure will work on the iPhone, but also with the iPad and iPad touch with the instructions being identical.

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1. Go to settings on your iPhone or whatever iDevice you are using.

2. Find Music and tap on it.

3. Scroll downwards and select iCould Music Library.

4. Now you can switch between on and off to your heart’s desire.

So that’s it you’ve turned the iCloud Music Library off. Don’t be alarmed if you are warned that downloaded Apple Music songs can disappear this is normal. As is if you switch it back on again, you will be asked to replace or merge the music on your iPhone.

How to Disable iCloud Music Library on Mac

1. Switch on your Mac and launch iTunes.

2.Click on the iTunes button at the top menu bar and then click preferences.

3.Now click on the general tab.

4.Next you can check or uncheck the iCloud Music Library selection box.

iCloud Music Library settings on Mac

More Information

Many people have asked me, if it is possible to enable the iCloud Music Library on other devices and not on others? And the answer is yes, if you want to you can have this iCloud service only enabled on your iPhone. This will allow you to play songs off-line on your iPhone.

Furthermore, this also means that songs and playlists downloaded via Apple Music will be displayed with iCloud Music Library enabled. However, there is a down-side; you won’t be able to see any local Apple Music on your Mac if you have decided not to enable it.

And that is that, you now know how to turn this Apple feature off on both iPhone and Mac. If you found this information to be useful please comment below and share any feedback you may have with us a ValueWalk.

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