Trump Supporter Banned After He Accused Facebook Inc Of Being Partial

Facebook has supposedly banned a conservative activist user who supports Donald Trump because of the complaints she made against it for censoring another conservatives. Lauren Southern detailed her ordeal, which she said began after she posted that Facebook banned the administrator of a right-wing group.

Trump Supporter Banned After He Accused Facebook Inc Of Being Partial

The allegations against Facebook

In a post, Lauren wrote, “As I suspected my friend who runs Disdain for Plebs has been banned on all his accounts that run the page AND Facebook deleted his post calling them out for censoring conservatives. This is utterly insane.”

According to Heat Street, Lauren’s report included a note from Facebook which said it removed the post because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards. She shared a screenshot in a Twitter post and expressed her shock on it, saying, “Holy s***.”

Southern shared her post soon after she learned that Facebook kicked the moderator off its site, but the post was deleted. She said the social media site then told her that it was blocking her for 30 days.

Administrator was just clearing up some facts

Disdain for Plebs is a pro-Trump group on Twitter, and Lauren wrote in her post that the administrator of the group was banned after he wrote a post in which he argued that Trump was not anti-Muslim but anti-ISIS. She added that the social media giant had also banned all of the moderators who ran the group’s page.

“What Trump is trying to say is that Homeland Security cannot differentiate which Muslim is radical wanting to cause harm and which is a harmless refugee,” the administrator said.

He said that this is the reason nothing gets done is that everyone is too busy being politically correct and that no one is willing to sacrifice his/her family’s safety for the sake of political correctness. The post ended up asking, “are you?” with the hashtag #TRUMP2016.’

Breitbart learned from the group administrator, who requested to keep his identity hidden, that banning users for stating unfortunate facts is typical of social media these days. The network puts pressure on conservatives to stay quiet on controversial topics that need to be addressed, and if they do not do so, they are blocked from the public eye, the administrator said.

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