Top 5 Free Apps For The iPhone That Were Once Paid

Top 5 Free Apps For The iPhone That Were Once Paid
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If you’re an iPhone user and are tired of having to pay for the apps you want, there is no better news than a free app. We’ll today I’ve searched for as many iOS Apps that I could find for the iPhone and discovered around ten different free apps. Below I’m going to tell you all about each one and give you a link so that you can go and download it.

Top 5 Free Apps For The iPhone

Once you download the free app or even apps of your choice from the list below, you will be able to use them forever! Now if you’re a developer and you want to bring some attention to your work, why not offer the readers here at ValueWalk a free app. You never know I may eventually be asked to review it for in full!

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So here we go, take your pic from as many of the free apps below as you like.

Makaninm – Multi -Touch

Top 5 Free Apps For The iPhone That Were Once Paid

This first on my list of free apps is Makaninm, it is an art and graphics generation app, which according to its developer will provide you with pure visual stimulation! Featuring a high-level of customization it is certainly an extremely worthy color and image manipulation app worth trying.

You can take a more detailed look and download it for your iPhone here.

One Touch Dial – T9 Speed dial

Probably not the most glamorous of the free apps, but it does serve a purpose. If you download and install this app you will be able to simply tap and call anyone in your contacts list. And in fact this One Touch Dial app offers much more than a faster way to call, as it will also allow you to send text messages, make Skype calls, post to Instagram and connect to your social media accounts all without ever having to leave the app.

If this app sounds interesting you can take a look at it some more here.

Place Finder

Next on this list of free apps is Place finder. It is a navigation and weather app that offers something different in the form of searches. So if you want to know where your nearest Hotel, School, Free parking spots, Doctors, Restaurants are near by, the app will do this for you as well as direct you to whichever one you choose to go to.

You can download the app from here.

LensLight Visual Effects

LensLight was added to the list of free apps available for your iPhone today, exactly how long it will stay like that I don’t know, so you should probably take a look soon! This app is considered by by many to be one of the ultimate apps on iOS for adding gorgeous looking lighting effects to pictures. Its list of effects is quite extensive, so here are, but a few of the interactive lights available: Bokeh, Lensflares, Light Leaks, Spotlights, Rainbow effects and more.

This app is available from the App Store here.

Mahjong Artifacts – Chapter 2

Now this game is only free for a limited time, exactly how much time I don’t know, so why not take advantage of a free game while you can.

This is an immersive version of the ancient game of Mahjong, in which you pair up tiles to quickly dismantle hundreds of different layouts and gather pearls so that you can buy special abilities. As well as make use of a range of special power-ups, earn rewards and generally enjoy what is an addictive, but beautiful game.

If playing this engrossing game interests you, download it from the App Store here.

Final Thoughts

So now that you’ve seen what’s available for today go ahead and make your choice. Choose one of these free apps and give it a try, after all, what have you got to lose they’re all free. Just uninstall if you don’t like one and move to the next.

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