Tony Robbins interviews T. Boone Pickens (Part 2)

Tony Robbins interviews T. Boone Pickens (Part 2)

Tony Robbins interviews T. Boone Pickens (Part 2)

Published on May 18, 2016
Have a seat and enjoy this Q&A featuring best-selling author and entrepreneur, Tony Robbins, and the Oracle of Oil, T. Boone Pickens. These two thought leaders cover a wide range of topics pertaining to domestic and global energy issues as well as strategic opportunities in the United States today.

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0:48where it is and where do you see it going today is about thirty to $33 a
0:54barrel and it got down as low as 20 2696 shower I think that was the low and that
1:06we’re working our way back up now and by the end of the year they will be back to
1:11$2 or $3
1:16$47 tomorrow just for a minute ago but we were $100 for some time
1:24coal prices dropped her what her role there for sure the russians in her own
1:34gas producers in United States actually entails a consumer in the United States
1:39we should help consumers all over the world but today there were always using
1:4995 million barrels a day and we’re going to be in a half barrel this year a day
1:56every year so next year will you know about 2,200 be in barrels of all our
2:07choir so is there there’s a lot of
2:12or you can the business change grow at $33 amber you hire presented in the
2:24branch will get our economy right now how does that affect how soon that
2:32occurs in terms of supply and demand what do you think will push the price
2:35back up because we had no waiver 2014 we had 16 nerd rage drilling parole today
2:51we have for seven years ago with great joy drilling for gas naturally as and
3:03today we have two of them so you are used in the drilling of oil and gas in
3:11the United States wow if you were giving investors an idea you think it’ll be
3:20where I think you’ll be $50 and if you want you by maybe 2698 that was a cage
3:3612 months later you’re usually controversy from Euro oh boy so you tell
3:51me what do you see when you look at the world economy as a whole
3:54what’s your view of where things are going all over the world better now
3:58doing negative interest rates
4:00you know you got quantitative easing being maximized and yet you know the
4:04economies of the world not responding what’s your view of where the world’s
4:08going in
4:09how we should look at things as investors well if you wanna located in
4:15other European as I would say it’s social issues in their approach to
4:22gathering weekender Janet it bernie say they’re bitching that your mom but if
4:34you look around the world and if you ask people where would you rather leave the
4:41show the world the United States while 0 with beer is because we have the best
4:50the best opportunity eg people in america have a chance if they want to
4:57work hard and you don’t exactly have to have a college education to be
5:03successful if your scale and you’re viewing or are they
5:09there’s no problem but if you look at the unemployed stage the scale or their
5:15their employ their skill it is good work they have a day off and so who is a job
5:25you have a lot of people ask I would like to have a socialistic
5:30the government and that I don’t think well you said your dole and go to work
5:44every day 7:30 in the morning it is every day for the lawyer never said this
5:51but it’s it’s been good and bad days down down day but it’s been brutal I put
6:04extraordinary tell me you know what do we need a leader today what makes
6:08somebody great leader what are the principles from your perspective
6:11effective leadership we have seen much
6:19it’s sad case produced praise team shows which leader so maybe whoever whoever we
6:33get better
6:35well as leadership is watch here I what do you think of the most important
6:51qualities of an effective leader you know I i’m not she once again I believe
7:03yeah we’re good we’re not doing better raising the United States it’s easy to
7:10you know be involved in a lot of things and you know you say what what you get
7:19you playing out across the country
7:25$10 that’s a little high grade teacher and you on right now I’m used to you
7:39know we we have a lot to do this country we all out on me so I figure out how
7:45they that all ya sure he is burning calories solution is to tax somebody is
7:59that all that way and I don’t think anybody you know taxes to the high-class
8:07problem of a year making money you paid taxes and all you Jan 18 Trinidad like
8:18we have in the last eight years so what’s the solution to that dead at the
8:25numbers are so high
8:26security liabilities that medicare medicaid it’s over a hundred trillion
8:32dollars when you add all that in that ever be paid back I’m not sure you know
8:39the truth I believe you have the cheapest energy and one and you didn’t
8:50build back you know I’m cheap energy energy oh well cheap labor and you give
9:04away your ship in there and take advantage of cheap energy and you could
9:12do companies back into the united states and who left
9:18energies of being part of you know we we have paid out over trade dollar short
9:27for all well trained dollars is AG trillion dollar debt is well yeah but
9:36its place to start
9:38you your economy grow up by Percy I think he played a teacher and tell me
9:49you know one of the most powerful pieces of you as a leader in the past his guts
9:55to make the tough decisions every great leader does that we had george bush was
9:59here yesterday we had a really wonderful conversation with him about the biggest
10:04decisions of his presidency what are some of the biggest decisions you’ve
10:07made of a life 2013 that profoundly affected the direction of your life and
10:12share with us your philosophy about the decision making out you’ve talked to me
10:14the past about how most people a MAME you know tell us how you look at things
10:18differently around decisions
10:20yeah you read that as their people better in leadership roles that will
10:28trigger they made a major fire
10:35me they can pull the trigger to make a big decision but to make decisions
10:41involving energy area and I just see impact its goal and but I think I could
10:52decide to go in that direction I did but it’s it’s like to see you gotta be
11:04watchful eye on world day for war over the baby and it is a lot of there’s a
11:17lot of problems in a bridge it can actually you know what’s happened to us
11:25in the mid-eighties to China back down there safely go and they shall reign but
11:38your city there now the russians a move back in to the mideast in the serious I
11:47don’t know I don’t want to have in mind the water refill the Russian Empire and
11:58they’ve taken the Crimea Ukraine back but hurry
12:05is israel’s right now because almost og and it is still somewhere around $100 a
12:15day so they reduced handmade barrels of oil a day and we’re producing a little
12:25bit under 90 day and there those are the three biggest producers of your heart
12:33from to build his empire he’s extractable economy is in shambles
12:37what do you think of the Iranian deal how does rain coming on
12:42affect the price of oil well the Iranian said they actually a GED
12:50the sanctions and you know from satellites that they’ve been moving
12:58across Iraq all the time they have played a sanction
13:03show but truck is a way they moved it and you hear the rain chance to the
13:15world and I not to cheat sheet were forecast maybe I’m being barrels a day I
13:27think it probably closer to 300,000 barrels a day so it won’t be the same
13:33scale as some people think it is that’s interesting
13:37yes mr. Pickens an honor to speak with you is there but a breakeven price per
13:51barrel well differ differ producing areas
13:59three producing areas have come from the horizontal drilling the body and the
14:07Eagle Ford Shale texts and then west and the changes but farther but she got you
14:19have $50 a barrel I think the ridge back to work now so I’ll say yeah I’m here
14:26said he’s only got $5 a barrel british air all that is it exactly right they
14:33social care they actually to make made their safety of $100 per so they are now
14:46fiber and a greater
14:50net and they’re down 48226 Saturday and they have money this year for the first
14:59time to meet their social commitments oh and the only economy the Saudi Arabia is
15:06all they’re all so we’re we’re all producers now 62 you traditional and he
15:18was with the changes that are happening why is not holding back on their
15:24production or have they begun to well they look at what happened to always be
15:33in the swing producer and the United States production right now we do I
15:42change down two day now we brought her back to 9.7 2009 but I gave you a lot
15:59numbers real fast there but the sad BC you gave us when we’re trying to do it
16:07and we’re going to produce didn’t have been we’re not sure now they are talking
16:18ciampi not increasing production well I don’t think so crucial to the last year
16:28and I think they should they could just a live show with a crew Cyr Katie now
16:39because they should outrage and there’s activity and they they they they were
16:49Duchess down about four and a half billion barrels a day and it all started
16:59and so it all in all this to go work but jobs if you’re not really
17:09production so it’ll start to go on tell me what would you look at growth in
17:17Seoul where is that you saying that the reason that we won’t see the dead to
17:21petroleum uses because you’re still because the battery technology can push
17:26these big rig which is what basically all goods are transported and trucks
17:31that is that what you’re saying yes I your batteries for light-duty that’s
17:40fine but use it to you if you could get that guy so I’m just a person in a
17:46realistic about the use of energy and I know you have to have it will you have
17:52bernie sanders in here are saying there is okay let’s say get rid of fossil
18:01fuels go back
18:0395 million barrels a day is the used in barrels a day and 70% of that goes to
18:12trade for Jason what are they going to use you know get realistic it’s 50
18:18people don’t think we’re ready to go back to the bicycle or will you be real
18:29about issues and when I say this but the question I have is I know that you know
18:39whether it was six seven eight ten years ago you were pushing to put natural gas
18:43along major highways for the tractors and trailers to use and that’s what I
18:47think you’re trying to get through the Senate and Congress I believe and i for
18:52the life of me I could understand why are politicians will back that caused
18:56oil was up at seventy-eight hundred bucks a barrel i dont tractors and
19:00trailers I know how expensive it is Wendy’s at 350 375 and its outages it
19:05just makes all the sense in the world to me and you know for you to lose by three
19:10you tell me I mean it was just strictly political type thing which the reason I
19:16guess what I’m asking you know there there’s a lot of gas used for 80
19:23exists on the interstate so there’s a lady and see two trucks and that’s all
19:38they get is happy he may be a game-changer that has attracted you to
19:49see probably where each factor they have now
19:56region is 9% play xbox is cleaner than the batter know that it’s gone the way I
20:13was actually it was was on would be it was a tax deal it was so so but match
20:28reactions gone replaced easily because that’s what we have so much cleaner that
20:34they slip gas gas stations get natural gas available to tractors and trailers
20:43in any kind of scale at least in the Northeast anyhow what you’re saying
20:48you’re saying in the west it’s happening pretty pretty heavily right now are you
20:52have to just just look around check with clean energy fuels and they will give
21:01you where all the stations are located there actually are replacing their fuel
21:12and other because it is true
21:15leader and is cheaper but it’s not too late for you is she made you like it and
21:24you should like but her beloved its 350 days old so you know we are here
21:37natural gas is available to you if you did clean energy fuels and give you a
21:44catalog show you all the stations I wasn’t aware that I look into it thank
21:51you for all these articles and stuff about driverless cars and driverless
21:57trucks in five to ten years and I guess my question for you is is that realistic
22:04and if so how will that affect the oil market especially in our country
22:13yes it is really scare me dad to me coming upon a team leader coming towards
22:28will be a driverless tractor don’t have to worry about a more cuz I don’t drive
22:35on the highway by a drive on my rage but don’t grow on trees is going to happen
22:45yes it’s gonna say you’ll be a beginner she does it will get better fuel
22:55efficiency when that happens but I don’t think bridge but you know the founder
23:04this month ago he’s convinced they will happen and they did or I would look
23:16crazy at his door if they’d only happen
23:21believe it

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