Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) and GM Will Probably Both Be Bankrupt in 10 Years

Tesla  Motors Inc (TSLA) and GM Will Probably Both Be Bankrupt in 10 Years

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) and GM Will Probably Both Be Bankrupt in 10 Years

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I was originally looking at Tesla from a trading standpoint, but in comparing GM, both company`s Financial internals look bleak longer term. GM is a debt accumulating machine, and Tesla is the starter version of this model. The Automobile manufacturing Industry is a capital intensive business, but both these companies are laggards to best practices in the Industry at large. There is major trouble ahead for both companies at this level of financial mismanagement. Tesla is trying to grow too fast, and GM is a bloated Government style bureaucracy that requires major pruning to say the least.

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  1. “GM is a debt accumulating machine…”

    GM has over $162 billion in liabilities, and going up every year.
    ycharts com/companies/GM/liabilities

  2. Dimwit! With Tesla’s 25 – 30% operating margin, they will be loaded with cash in 10 years. The price of electronics goes down with time. Econmatters is a laggard, not Tesla.

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