Tesla To Offer Mini Model S Test Drives For Kids

Tesla teamed up with toy maker Radio Flyer to produce a toy version of the Model S a few months ago, and now it has decided to give children a chance to experience the Tesla electric car long before they get their driver’s licenses.

Tesla aims to change the perception

To help promote the mini EV on behalf of Radio Flyer, Tesla announced that its stores will be offering kids a chance to test-drive the Mini Model S.

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However, one cannot miss Tesla’s motive behind the test drive. The electric car maker is aiming to convert kids into Tesla EV enthusiasts before mainstream perceptions get hold of them. Finding a child who has a poster of an electric car up on his or her room’s wall is hard. The automaker is trying to change this perception towards the electric car. Tesla is presenting the toy car as a fun learning and progressive experience for kids.

The EV giant wrote, “Tesla has partnered with Radio Flyer to usher in the next generation of electric vehicle owners. At the event, your little one will have the chance to experience the Tesla Model S by Radio Flyer in our mini-test drive track alongside future owners and like-minded enthusiasts.”

Mini Model S similar to the original one

The scaled-down Model S for Kids is almost a tiny replica of the world’s bestselling luxury electric car. The similarities between the toy and the Model S are pretty convincing if one ignores the fact that their child’s upper body sticks out the top of it, like with most go-karts. The mini Model S is for kids between the ages of three and eight, but it has a lot of qualities and features one would expect to find in a normal life-sized car.

With the use of an AUX connection, kids can use the sound system. The mini Model S is available in colors like Blue Metallic and Red Multi-coat. The electric car for kids is powered by removable battery packs as well. Also the Model S’ tiny replica has a “frunk,” or front trunk.

Tesla Model S for kids is priced at $500, and the price goes up based on the add-ons customers want. The mini Model S is already sold out through July.