Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept With Intriguing Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept With Intriguing Features
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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 handset just got its own 3D concept design, which is offering technology analysts and critics a look into what Samsung may have on offer with the Galaxy S8. Samsung as always tried to stay one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to design and new technologies. So with this 3D Galaxy S8 concept it is clear to see that nothing has changed in that respect.

With the huge success that was the Galaxy S7, it’s not going to be easy for designers to try to come up with another winning formula. As there have been over 10-million S7 handsets sold in China alone. And according to critics, that was with a handsets that had average to good software, brilliant tech specs and an eye catching design. So as you can see there will be a lot for a Galaxy S8 handset to live up to, it will have to be innovative in design, offer an improvement in software and be even more advanced than its predecessor!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Design

As I mentioned earlier Samsung never stops trying to innovate. And in the 3D images below, you can see that the Galaxy S8 looks to be as much a futuristic looking piece of technology as its predecessors were when they launched.

The shell (body) of this handset looks to be covered in a full metal jacket, which will undoubtedly mean that it will be scratch resistant. Also, if you look at the bottom of the handset it looks like there is a large charging port. From other rumors doing the rounds, it seems as though Samsung will be looking to improve the audio on its next flagship handset. So the Galaxy S8 could be the recipient of SonicMaster Audio. Some are suggesting that this could be done to compete with HTC and its next top of the line device.

What I can’t fathom from these images is, what kind of camera improvements may feature on the Galaxy S8. Rumors suggest it could have a 16 Megapixel shooter, but that’s just a rumor as is the possibility of an IP67 rating which would make it waterproof!

Final Thoughts

Whatever Samsung decides to deliver with the Galaxy S8. My colleagues and I here at Valuewalk will bring you all the rumors, and any official news that Samsung may decide to release prior to the next Unpacked event.

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