Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Going Out On Your Own? 4 Ways Finances Differ For The Self-Employed

There's nothing like the fantasy of saying goodbye to your office job and hello to being your own boss. But if you've got entrepreneurship...


Online Verification of Documents – Mitigating Fraud In The Business World

Document verification solutions play an important role in streamlining online businesses, getting admission to academic institutions, or applying for immigration. Such types of sectors...

Dell Technologies Shows Network Infrastructure Spending is Robust

Infrastructure Solutions Group had record Q3 2022 sales of $9.6 billion, up 12% YoY providing record operating income of $1.8 billion This was...

S&P 500 Winning The Day

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The Schmuck Of The Year Award

Two thousand twenty-two has just a month to go, but it’s still not yet clear who will win the Schmuck of the Year Award....

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    New Record: 41% Can’t Pay November Rent (Up 4%)

    Alignable’s November Rent Report is out today and rent delinquency rates have escalated for the second month in a row in the U.S., breaking...


    David Einhorn: It’s Clear The Fed Wants To Deflate The Stock Market [Full Q322 Letter]

    Greenlight Capital commentary for the third quarter ended September 30, 2022. See the full letter here. Dear Partner: The Greenlight Capital funds (the “Partnerships”) returned 4.0%1...

    Third Point 3Q22 Letter: Investing In Companies Trading At Bargain Basement Prices [Full Q3 Letter]

    Dan Loeb’s letter to Third Point investors for the third quarter ended September 2022, discussing the top five winners for the quarter. Dear Investor: During the...

    Third Point 1Q22 Letter: Shell, EQT And Zendesk

    Dan Loeb’s letter to Third Point investors for the first quarter ended March 2022, discussing the top five winners for the quarter; Shell PLC...

    BlackRock Successfully Invested In A Green Future. Is Solar Investment The Next Big Trend?

    Investors eye BlackRock’s example of ESG investing, particularly as gas prices force EV adoption. Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (OTC: SIRC) and other fast-moving...

    Fanpage Appeals To Both Investors And The Masses In a Fast Growing NFT Market

    Non-fungible tokens(NFTs)—coded digital assets that can be bought and sold over the internet--  have unquestionably taken the world of collecting and investing by storm...





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