Netflix Gives Marvel’s Punisher His Own Series

Netflix Gives Marvel’s Punisher His Own Series

Rumors about Netflix giving the Punisher his own series have been making the rounds since last summer, and on Friday, Entertainment Weekly reported that the Punisher will indeed get his own TV series. Following this, the video streaming giant confirmed the news on Facebook.

Netflix gives the Punisher a solo series

After watching the jaw-dropping performance of Jon Bernthal in Daredevil, fans launched a petition to convince the video streaming giant to make a separate series, and it looks like it is ready to comply. Marvel also confirmed a solo series for the machine gun-wielding anti-hero. On the other hand, Netflix released a creepy trailer in the U.S. featuring the Punisher saying, “One batch, two batch, penny and dime.”

There are very few details on the subject, and much cannot be predicted, but Bernthal will reprise his role as the vigilante military veteran Frank Castle, who brings his own lethal form of justice. Bernthal will be the fourth actor to play Castle. The earlier three were Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher, 1989), Thomas Jane (The Punisher, 2004), and Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone, 2008).

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