Baby’s Got Game: Isabella Barrett A Self Made Millionaire At Age Nine

Meet today’s “it” Glamour Girl. Isabella Barrett became a multi-millionaire at the tender age of only nine, according to a news report. This half-pint firecracker became a millionaire at just six years old after launching her own clothing and jewelry line.

Isabella Barrett- Flash in the Pan?

Isabella’s mother, Susanna, said: “As far as what she’s worth…it would probably be equal to several million dollars. The great thing is, she is still nine and so as her money grows, we hope to invest it and make that grow as well for her.” However, it is unclear how the news report was able to confirm if this is indeed true.

Bella is a stakeholder in two companies in which she made equity investments: ‘Glitzy Girl’, which was her first company to came out and ‘Bound By the Crown Couture’.”

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Some of you may find her face famous already since her star shot to the stratosphere after appearing on American TV show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.’ Stemming from this rapid rise to pop-culture celebritydom, our fashion-obsessed young socialite earned over 1.6 million online followers and is undeniably a successful businesswoman in her own right. Talk about an early bloomer.


As far as her sudden fame, Isabella said, “It feels awesome because I know everybody looks up to me which is a big responsibility.”

Isabella Barrett  – Why All The Gushing Glamour?

This wee queen first got into beauty pageants after her sister, Victoria, was brutally bullied at school. Regarding this, their mother Susanna said: “My older daughter was beaten and left for dead on the side of the road, by the same children who used to stay over at my home while growing-up. The pageants helped to rebuild her confidence and when Bella saw the glitz and glamour she wanted to be part of it.”

The teeny entrepreneur, from Rhode Island, stated, “My clothing line is very successful. It’s in a lot of fashion shows it was just recently in New York fashion week which was the biggest.”

What about school, a social life? True, being such a successful young entrepreneur is not attained without much sacrifice. Our little spitfire says, “My life is very busy and sometimes I have to miss gymnastics because I have to go on jobs, on auditions and stuff like that.” Poor baby?

Along with celebrity comes all the criticism and many accuse Susanna of spoiling her children, especially Isabella. Sure, she responded, “She [Bella] definitely has expensive tastes but that’s because our family appreciates quality – it’s not because of the fame.”

Fame and fashion are not her only pursuit as Bella has also produced two songs called “LOL” and “I’m Just a Kid”, and is currently recording two more songs. Surely her followers appreciate her approach to the public life.

Perspective Keeps This Princess’ Kingdom on the Ground

This spirited-soul has clearly been blessed with a very supportive family and posh upbringing. But, that does not mean she lacks an excellent education, proper etiquette and solid family values. Her mom adds: “I hope that Bella can be all of those things, be a teacher, be a rock star. I want her to be whatever she wants to be. As a mom, that’s all what you want for kids – just to be happy.”

Renaissance men beware…y’all ain’t got jack on this jane-of-all-trades.