Is Your iPhone Speaker Not Working? Try These Fixes

Is Your iPhone Speaker Not Working? Try These Fixes
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Are you an iPhone 6 / 6s or 6 plus user? Are you one of the unlucky few, who have been having an issue with their iPhone speaker not working, while you try to make a call? Well I’ve been looking around for a fix and after a bit of digging around; I’m pleased to say that I have found a couple of fixes that will work.

However, if you are unlucky enough to have a hardware issue with your iPhone speaker then these fixes will not work for you. The only solution open to you would be to have the speaker replaced by Apple.

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How to Fix Your iPhone Speaker

So let’s jump straight in, but remember to follow each and every step.

1. Basic Troubleshooting: Don’t panic, there are a few basic things you will need to check first. This is obvious, but make sure your iPhone is not in silent mode. To do that, look for the switch above the volume control buttons. If it’s showing a red mark that means silent mode is on. Switch it off!

Sticking with the simple tests, check to see if your iPhone has its volume set to a really low-level. If you have an iPhone 6, 6s or 6-Plus, move the “+” volume button to its max level and then try to make a call to see if anything has changed.

2. Check to see if your iPhone is in Headphone Mode: Believe it or not iPhones get stuck in what’s called “headphone mode” all of the time. However, if you discover that is the route of your problem it is an easy fix. You can start by restarting your phone, now if this restored your iPhone speaker to normal working order that’s great. But if not the problem could be with the 3.5mm port itself.

To rule this one out, you will have to get a flashlight and look inside the 3.5mm port of phone. Make sure you have something like a tooth pick handy and wrap some cotton around it, and then, clean the port.

3. Is the sound being transmitted to another device: If you use Bluetooth speakers or headphones or use AirPlay via other Apple devices, these will automatically reconnect when you move back into range. There is the chance no matter how small that you may have forgotten about it and this could be the route of your iPhone speaker problem.

4. See if there is an iOS update: If this is a bug, there is a good chance that Apple already knows about it and is working on a fix, which will be available in the next update. If the above basic solutions have not helped you so far, it’s time to move on to the more involved iPhone speaker fixes.

5. Restore your iPhone from Backup: If this iPhone speaker issue started recently, then there could be some kind of software issue. Maybe a recent update did things to your iPhone that no one expected it to do! At this point we’re moving on to restoring your handset from a backup. If this has not solved your problem, the problem may be a serious one and only something that Apple could remedy.

iPhone Backup and Restore
6. Setting up your iPhone as New: Personally I dread the day that I have to do this, but if there ever comes a time and it needs to be done, thanks to the dreaded iPhone speaker problem, I’m all for it.

Doing this however, will (fingers crossed) removed any unwanted software and code causing the problem. Before you reset and set-up your iPhone as new, make sure you’ve made a fresh back up.

7. Apple Support: Last and probably the last place you want to go to is Apple support, but if none of the above tips helped you resolve the iPhone speaker problem! Apple support probably is your last lifeline.

Did any of the tips in this article help you resolve your problem? If one did, which one? Come and share it with us in the comments section below.

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