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How To Give Your iPhone’s Gboard A Dark Theme

Up until a few weeks ago, I had given up wondering if there would ever be a decent third-party keyboard app for iOS, and then out of the blue, Google released its Gboard app before launching it on Android, which, was a surprise! However, what’s more surprising is the response it got when the news spread. Users have actually welcomed Gboard with open arms and have been installing it and enjoying the extra functionality it brings to iOS.

Gboard dark theme

Seriously, Gboard is no one-trick pony. It’s not just a keyboard app made by one of Apple’s biggest rivals, and it actually does some neat things too! In fact, it is these neat functions that have iOS users happily typing away again. Gone are the boring days of a stock keyboard! With a built-in search function and fancy swipe typing, support for emojis, GIF searching and its compatibility with the likes of YouTube and other common apps, there’s no wonder it can be considered to be the best third-party keyboard on iOS at the moment.

DarkGboard for Gboard

As an app user, you may have been waiting for the negative points of Gboard, and to be honest, at the moment, I don’t think there are any! Seriously though, if nitpicking was something I would have to do, it would be difficult. However, the app’s current lack of a dark color scheme does give rise to me wishing there was one. And just like other apps like Overcast and Tweetbot, which have modes that invert the color scheme so that they become easier on the eye, I’m going to share with you a way to do the same with Gboard.

darkgboard gives Gboard a darker keyboard

To move forward with this how-to, you are going to need a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. If you have that, I’m going to introduce you to DarkGboard. As you have already guessed, it will enable you to turn your Gboard keyboard into something much more in line with current popular trends.

One more thing before I tell you how: this change won’t turn your keyboard black. Instead, it will be more of a dark gray. It will still look strikingly different than the plain white you’re used to though, and I quite like it.

You can download DarkGboard here, and then once you’ve installed it, you will simply need to enable the darker mode from within the standard settings app. Other than that, there is not much to tell you other than to go and enjoy a darker-looking Gboard.