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How To Set Up iPhone Reminders When You’re In Or Out Of Your Car

How great would it be if you could remember everything that you needed to do when you need to do it? This is something that only a rare few can do and I, myself am among those who cannot do this, so for me having a task management app that will alert me to something when I’m leaving or entering a specific location is a much wished for thing. Yes, there are apps that enable you to set iPhone reminders, some of them are reasonably good at what they do, but as with everything else in life they are not foolproof.

How to set iPhone reminders

Some good news, there is one type of location based reminder that can be easily set to trigger, and it is something that most users are not aware that they can set iPhone reminders for. And that is a serious waste of ability for the iPhone as using it to remind you of things is a great additional way to make use of it.

How to Set iPhone Reminders

If like me you spend a lot of time in your car, why not set an iPhone reminder to trigger when you’re getting into it or even getting out of it? It’s easy to set up an iPhone reminder and they can be used to remind you to drop off some dry cleaning, take the mother-in-law to the doctors or remind you that something needs to be dropped off.

Whatever you need to remind yourself to do, having an iPhone reminder set for the next time you get into your car is an extremely helpful way to help yourself. And with the standard iPhone reminder app you can be set up and reminding yourself within a few minutes, it really is a simple process!

Here’s how to set-up your reminders.

  1. Find the reminders app on your iPhone, tap to start it running and create a new task or reminder. You can choose to have it trigger when you get in or out of your car.
  2. Look for “New Entry” and tap on the “i” symbol.
  3. Next move the “Remind me at a location” toggle to the right until it turns green.
  4. From the dropdown list of locations choose either “Getting in the car” or “Getting out of the car” depending on when you need to be reminded.
  5. And that’s it you have successfully set-up an iPhone reminder and the app will now keep in contact with its Bluetooth or CarPlay connections. And wherever the app disconnects from or connects to your car this will trigger the reminder.