iPhone 7 In Gold Color Leaked [PHOTOS]

Excitement continues to build ahead of the arrival of the iPhone 7, with a steady stream of rumors and leaks keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

The rumors predict that Apple will make only minor design changes to the next generation handset, meaning that the iPhone 7 will look largely similar to the existing iPhone 6s. Inside it will be a different story, with new features designed to encourage existing users to invest in the new handset.

iPhone 7 In Gold Color Leaked [PHOTOS]

Leaked photos show iPhone 7 and packaging

This latest leak largely corroborates existing rumors, with the antenna setup redesigned but the phone remaining the same size. The leaked photos show a Rose Gold iPhone 7 in 64 GB.

One of the most insistent rumors involves the addition of a new dual-camera system for the iPhone 7. However as you can see, the photos show a standard camera module.

This may be because the dual-camera system will be restricted to the iPhone 7 Plus. It is thought that Apple may try to drive sales of the larger handset by offering different hardware.

The dual-camera system is expected to offer greatly improved performance in low light, and some analysts believe that it could offer image quality as good as some DSLR cameras.

What features will Apple introduce?

Another leaked images purportedly shows the iPhone 7 retail packaging. It’s a bit blurry, but you can still see that it says “iPhone 7 Rose Gold 64GB.” The amount of storage has been subject to repeated speculation online.

Apple fans have been calling for the company to do away with the 16GB iPhone versions for years, arguing that it is simply not possible to make the most of the smartphone with such paltry storage. With the amount of space required for today’s apps, 16GB quickly runs out.

It is hoped that the company will get rid of 16GB with the iPhone 7. There have also been rumors about a 256GB version. While this may seem like overkill, it could allow Apple to keep up with rival Samsung, whose Galaxy S7 can be expanded up to 256GB thanks to the inclusion of a microSD card slot.

High-end smartphone battle to continue

Competition with Samsung is a major driving factor for Apple. The two companies have come to dominate the smartphone market, and high-end models serve to show which company is pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology.

While Samsung is widely thought to have pushed ahead in terms of camera and screen quality, Apple may be about to make inroads once again. The addition of the dual-camera system could be a game changer, and rumors have also sprung up regarding the screen.

It is thought that Apple could use a smaller version of the iPad Pro display on the iPhone 7. Reviewers at DisplayMate claim that the iPad Pro unit is the best screen they have seen on any mobile device, even beating out the OLED unit that Samsung uses on its Galaxy S7 smartphone.

If Apple can find a way to improve its LCD technology it could steal a march on Samsung. It is thought that Apple will make the switch to OLED displays with the iPhone 8.

Speculation has turned to the iPhone 8 as a game changer for Apple. Some analysts believe that the iPhone 7 will offer only minor upgrades, and struggle to entice customers into an upgrade.

However at the moment this remains pure speculation. Apple is yet to reveal any official details about the iPhone 7, let alone the iPhone 8.