iPhone 7 Concepts, Rumors, Photos

You must know the routine by now? Apple brings out lots of new iPhones and as soon as the dust settles, rumors from all over the world start to crop up everywhere on the world-wide-web! Seriously the last time I looked into this Apple had not confirmed the existence or even acknowledged the possibility that the iPhone 7 was real.

iPhone 7 Concepts, Rumors, Photos

However, last week’s news reported that the Cupertino based mega company was in some financial trouble; apparently its global revenues fell to a level last seen in 2003.

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So where does this leave Apple? Some critics are saying that it needs to spark some life back into the iPhone, this next iPhone possibly the iPhone 7 should not be a simple iteration and it should be something more spectacular. Something a kin to what Samsung has achieved with its S7 and S7 Edge devices.

iPhone 7 Concept images

If you’re a lover of all things mobile technology like me, then you understand why it is exciting to see what graphic designers are coming up with especially when it comes to developing new iPhone 7 design concepts.

Image Source

In the image above you can see what an iPhone 7 would probably look like with its screen pushed all the way out to the edges. This design would make the display much wider and hopefully force Apple to directly compete in the resolution stakes with Samsung, which is currently sporting a resolution of 2560 x 1440, 534-pixels per inch.

In this next concept image, you can easily see that the designer as tried to create a much more sleek and futuristic looking iPhone 7. I’m wondering would an iPhone 7 that thin be sub 7mm, what would that do to the length of time its battery could last? Surely Apple would have to come up with something new to meet this designer’s concept idea!

From the images I’ve seen so far, it looks as though most iPhone 7 concept designs are pushing the iPhone display straight to the edge of the phone. Some of these come directly from the iPhone users ultimate wish list, whilst other concepts are being developed directly from rumours found around the web and turned into graphical representations.

iPhone 7 Final Thoughts

Whether or not the iPhone 7 ends up looking like any of the handsets above is purely speculation however, from what I’ve seen so far I am impressed and just hope that those in the know over at Apple are taking notice of all the fuss. And may be taking some design cues from the plethora of concept images around.