Investing In Cuba: Balancing The Risk

Investing In Cuba: Balancing The Risk

Investing In Cuba: Balancing The Risk

K. M. Paparelli

Weber, Crabb & Wein

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May 11, 2016

ABA International Investment and Development Section, Forthcoming


There is no doubt that Cuba is working hard to attract foreign investors. In 2014 its foreign investing laws were completely reformed to accommodate this, however, it may be too early to determine whether these reforms actually reduce investor risk. For foreign investors ready to make the move challenges abound. The focus of this paper is to explore the potential risks investors may face pursuing opportunities in Cuba.

Investing In Cuba: Balancing The Risk

Change is on the Horizon

Cuba has been in an accelerated state of adapting and adjusting since 2011. Zamora, 2015a, p. 138) The entire economic landscape is currently under reconstruction with diversification of international trade, domestic restrictions being lifted, and Cuban nationals being encouraged to develop entrepreneurial ventures. (Piccone & Trinkunas 2014, p. 1-2) Cuban Entrepreneurs, who comprise eleven percent of the local labor force, are being trained, in part, through the work of Proyecto Cuba Emprende, a school run by the Catholic Church of Cuba dedicated to equipping Cuban entrepreneurs. Since 2012, t