Intel, Tencent, Haier Unveil Windows-Based Gaming Console

Intel, Tencent, Haier Unveil Windows-Based Gaming Console
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Intel, Tencent and Haier have announced a new gaming console called the Tencent TGP BOX. Riot Games will manufacture this console and release it as the Blade BOX, says Gamespot (via AllChinaTech). The news of a new game console which promises to change traditional gaming follows the rumors of the soon-to-be launched upgraded PlayStation 4.

Intel helps to make console smarter

All that is known for now is that the console will run on Windows 10, and the overlay used will be the Tencent Games Platform. Sixth generation Intel processors, namely, i3, i5 and i7 chips, will power the console.

The design is very different from the type of console designs we are accustomed to. The console will feature more curved edges and a different front layout to the back. The controller bears a strong resemblance to the Xbox One controller. The console bears different features than what we would expect, however.

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