Netflix VPN Crackdown: Hotspot Shield Can Still Get You Through

Netflix VPN Crackdown: Hotspot Shield Can Still Get You Through

Netflix is committed to blocking users from using VPNs to access its U.S. library of content, and it has done a really good job, as is evident from the resentment by viewers using VPNs. However, there is one VPN provider, which is among the largest with 400 million downloads, that has been successful in getting users through.

Netflix and VPNs don’t go together

The VPN is Hotspot Shield (by AnchorFree) and is available for free on Chrome. Ad-supported versions of this VPN are available for Mac, PC, and iOS. There is also an elite version available for $30 a year.

The Netflix content that’s available to users in different parts of the world differs, and this gives rise to piracy. Owing to the nature of content deals, users in the U.S. will have access to a different library of content than those in Turkey or Australia. An example of this is the movie Inception, which is available to users in Japan, but not to those in the U.S. Similarly, the popular TV show The Office is available for viewing only to Netflix subscribers in the U.S. and Canada but not those in other countries.

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Users bypass such restrictions through VPNs, but with Netflix coming down hard on such services, many were worried. However, Hotspot Shield claims to give the best of Netflix without depending on location.

How to use Hotspot Shield

Users interested in accessing Netflix via Hotspot Shield need to download the app on their device and then choose the virtual location in which the content they are looking for is available. The next step is to sign in to their Hotspot Shield Elite account through the app or sign up for an Elite account.

Hotspot’s app will display the content the user has unlocked with the chosen virtual location. This is all that needs to be done, and soon after you will be able to “enjoy your favorite movies and shows on Netflix!” Hotspot Shield claims.

There is yet another VPN service unaffected by Netflix: NordVPN. A couple of months ago, the company said, “We would like to report that this is still the case.­ NordVPN still works with Netflix, and we have backup servers prepared in case there are issues.”

NordVPN said it has gained a lot of users from New Zealand and the rest of the world since Netflix’s geo-blocking efforts.

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