Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) – Three Times Ackman Had Massive Profits Turn Into Losses

Bill Ackman Let Massive Profits Slip into Losses 3 Times in Herbalife Ltd. Short (Video)

Bill Ackman needs a lesson in proper Trade Management for his miscues on managing his Herbalife Short Position. Double Bottom or Head and Shoulders Pattern on HLF Chart? There is still a substantial short interest percentage of the open float in Herbalife, and if the government gives them a relative slap on the wrist in regards to a manageable fine, then there is ample room here for additional squeezing of short positioning. Pershing Square is not so much trading against Herbalife but the general market and a substantial institution ownership of this stock on the street.

I think Herbalife Ltd.  is a dog myself, but shorting is a strategic business where even more so than normal you have to get the timing right. And Bill Ackman has a real problem with closing out a winning trade here. It is unacceptable to let this trade go against him this many times when he has had such massive gains in this short position. Remember Bill you can always get back in at a much better overall price, let the technical be your guide in regards to taking profits on the trade.

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See the full video below for a more detailed explanation

Herbalife Ltd.