GoPro Inc Unveils Video Editing Apps

While GoPro Inc. is arguably the most popular brand for action camera enthusiasts, it has so far offered little in terms of mobile editing software.

This may have something to do with the fact that GoPro cameras are generally meant for use in extreme situations in the outdoors, where you are unlikely to sit down with a smartphone to quickly edit a video. However GoPro cameras have become ubiquitous among many other sections of the population, and more casual users may want to edit a video for publication on the run.

GoPro White Logo

GoPro brings Quik and Splice apps to smartphone users

Now the company has responded by releasing two new mobile video editing applications. The pair of apps will be known as Quik and Splice, and were developed after GoPro acquired Replay and Splice, two leading mobile video editing apps, in February 2015.

According to the company the apps offer “ultra-convenient and powerful mobile editing solutions to GoPro and smartphone users worldwide.” Quik is available on both Android and iOS, while Splice is only available on the Apple App Store,

Quick offers users the chance to edit GoPro content using 28 video styles. The app also has unique fonts, filters, graphics and transitions, while you can also add emojis, custom text and soundtracks.

Pro-features only available on iOS

Another feature means that the app will deliver “ready-to-watch videos made from related moments on your mobile device” every Sunday. Even if you don’t use the app, it will edit you a video once a week, every week, so you can share it on social media.

While Quik is a simple app that will edit videos on your behalf, Splice will let you “edit like a pro.” There are more manual controls, and users can trim, apply filters and use slow-motion.

The only drawback is that Splice is only available on iOS, leaving Android Go-Pro users with a limited set of video editing tools compared to their Apple-using counterparts. It must be hoped that GoPro can bring a more complex app to Android soon, and even the release of Quik is better than nothing.