Facebook To Add Self-Destructing Messages


It looks as though Facebook will include a disappearing messages feature on Messenger v68.0 for iOS users.

The feature became popular thanks to Snapchat, the messaging service that Facebook tried to acquire in 2013. Now it looks as though the social media giant will build the feature into the latest version of its Messenger app.

Facebook To Add Self-Destructing Messages

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Users to choose how long messages will display

Screenshots have been shared by Twitter user iOSAppChange, reportedly showing the new feature in action. Users will apparently be able to set the length of time that their messages remain visible. The screenshot shows options of 1 minute, 15 minutes, 4 hours and 1 day.

“You turned on disappearing messages. New messages will disappear from this conversation 15 minutes after being sent,” Messenger says in the chat window. It seems likely that this message would appear after enabling the Snapchat-like self-destruct feature.

Alongside the self-destruct feature, Facebook is reportedly considering a “secret conversations” feature. If the latest reports are to be believed these conversations will have end-to-end encryption, just like WhatsApp recently introduced for all messages. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

More Facebook Messenger features in the pipeline

The social network is apparently also working on another feature that will make Messenger more similar to Snapchat. The social network may be developing a stand alone camera app, says The Wall Street Journal. The aim is to drive user engagement.

The report claims that the app is in its early stages and is being developed by a Facebook team it London. There is a chance that it never reaches consumers, says the report.

The Wall Street Journal also claims that Facebook is looking to add a live streaming feature to Messenger.

A recent survey found that Snapchat was voted the most influential social network among teens in the United States. The messaging platform beat out Facebook and Instagram, which is also owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

After the failed acquisition bid in 2013 it seems that Facebook has simply decided to build in some of the best features of Snapchat. Whether the social media giant can maintain levels of user engagement is another question, but one that is vital for the future success of the company.