Futuristic Cyberpong VR Launches For The HTC Vive

Futuristic Cyberpong VR Launches For The HTC Vive

Virtual reality gaming is set to take on the world of console gaming over the next few years, and to be able to do that devices like the HTC Vive are going to have to have a steady of stream of new games to be able to compete! Well here’s where Colopl NU comes in. This American arm of the Japanese mobile videogame producer Colopl, has released its first game for the HTC Vive called Cyberpong VR.

What is Cyberpong VR all about?

Set in futuristic a virtual reality world, player’s set about displaying and improving upon their cyberpong VR skills in spirited head-to-head matches. This is done by using a pair of paddles to propel the virtual reality ball into the opposing players goal. Sounds simple right?

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However, the game is much more challenging then the initial description gives it credit for being. Integrating elements from a number of different games such as soccer, pinball and racquetball with a futuristic VR twist. Cyberpong VR will provide players with socially interactive environment, for the two player and single player game to take place in, in real time.

A Minimalist World View

Set in a minimalist future world, the game pits users against each other from across the globe in new and exciting proving grounds. With one aim in mind, Cyberpong VR allows you to compete and attempt to become the Cyberpong VR World champion!

A new Experience

If you looking for a completely new twist on the paddle ball game, this game surely delivers it and more by breathing new life into a classic, with an edgy and futuristic VR twist. This really is what gaming of the future will look like, it’s a fully immersive gaming world, fully controlled by the user.

Game Play

Cyberpong VR enables a player to play against a live opponent or in a single player game. The latter offers an extremely fast paced contest with the opportunity to earn power-ups as the player directs faced paced balls to knock down a series of blocks. However, a player must also protect his / her goal while doing so, and also make sure the ball does not go out of play!!

There is also a multiplayer mode, in which players face even tougher challenges. This is doen with the aim of beating live human opponents to reach higher skill levels and earn rewards. As a player there is also a certain level of customization as the choice of up to four player avatars is available, each of which has a unique style of paddle.

For moe information about the game head on over to the developers website www.coloplni.com

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